Pilz: Comprehensive advice for high efficiency

Injection molding specialist Waldorf Technik is headquartered in Hegau, Germany, and employs around 150 people. The company specializes in the development and construction of customized automation solutions for the dismantling and further processing of injection molded parts, especially in the fields of medical technology and healthcare. The company, which is part of the HAHN Group, manufactures pipette tips, Petri dishes, reaction vessels, blood collection tubes and cuvettes.

Pilz: Comprehensive advice for high efficiency

The core competence of Waldorf Technik is modular, efficient and productive automation solutions, fully customized to customer requirements and offering maximum safety. CE marking is essential for these modular machines: it demonstrates that the equipment as a whole complies with the health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Waldorf entrusts Pilz with the implementation of normative, rigorous risk assessments and verification procedures: As a service specialist, Pilz is responsible for the entire conformity procedure.

Every interface is under safe control

The initial situation was tricky, with Waldorf Technik’s production plant presenting many potential hazards in various intelligently interconnected factory modules. Instead, the company is obliged to assess the risks and implement risk reduction measures for each interface. And there is a special challenge: third-party interfaces need to be compatible and tested.

Waldorf Technik collaborated with safety automation specialist Pilz, who briefed Waldorf Technik on the entire conformity assessment procedure and gave comprehensive advice, which saved a lot of time. In the end Pilz took care of all assessment procedures from risk assessment to verification and CE certification of the factory.

Pilz: Comprehensive advice for high efficiency

Whether in the design phase, during operation or when retrofitting machines: manufacturers and users need to detect and eliminate potential safety risks for man and machine at an early stage. Pilz can customize comprehensive safety services throughout the entire life cycle of the machine according to the needs of customers.

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Published on 04/26/2023