Previously, Facebook changed its name to Meta, and later, Baidu launched Xiyang

At 14:00 on December 27th, the Baidu AI Developer Conference officially kicked off. At the same time, the first domestic metaverse product “Xi Rong” also completed its debut.

The Baidu AI Developer Conference lasted for 3 days and was divided into 1 main forum and 20 sub-forums. More than 100 industry experts, technical experts, corporate partners and first-line developers were invited to discuss the progress and implementation of AI technology.application.

01.The first domestic metaverse platform “Xiyang” was launched

It is worth mentioning that this Baidu AI Developer Conference was held in the first domestic “Metaverse Platform” Xirong App. Xirong App is a virtual world application launched by Baidu.In Greece, users can create virtual characters, attend conferences, socialize, watch exhibitions, and more. When users put on the headset, they can experience the immersive effect of the 100,000-person venue, and many people can connect to the microphone for voice communication.

The shape of Xiyang is a Mobius ring planet. On this planet, a lot of Chinese elements are integrated, including Chinese landscapes, Chinese history and culture, etc. They are not only reflected in the design, but also integrated into the interactive experience. . Here, users can search for the Shaolin Temple, a thousand-year-old temple, explore the secrets of national treasures in Sanxingdui, and visit the Three-Body Problem Museum to experience the shuttle of the three-body fleet.

02.Baidu intelligent cloud digital human platform “Xiling” released

This conference released the Baidu intelligent cloud digital human platform “Xiling”. This is the latest achievement of Baidu’s AI technology application.It can provide one-stop virtual hosts, virtual employees, virtual idols, brand spokespersons and other digital people production, content creation, and 24-hour services for all walks of life.

At present, Baidu Smart Yunxiling has created a series of digital people such as AI sign language anchor who provides sign language services for hearing-impaired friends, CCTV virtual host Xiao C, Baidu Group digital person Xi Jia Jia, and mobile phone Baidu spokesperson Gong Jun.

03.New opportunities brought by artificial intelligence

At the opening of the conference, Li Yanhong said: “In the era of human-machine symbiosis, China will usher in the golden decade of AI. In the future, AI will become a powerful tool to change the world, thousands of industries will be reconstructed, and people’s living space will be Greatly expanded, the value of the technology will be fully exploited.”

Not only that,Robin Li also emphasized the four principles of AI ethics: That is, the highest principle of AI is safety and controllability; the innovative vision of AI is to promote human beings to acquire technologies and capabilities more equally; the existence value of AI is to teach people to learn and grow, rather than surpassing and replacing people; the ultimate goal of AI The ideal is to bring more freedom and possibility to human beings. The long-term adherence to the ethical principles of AI and the creation of responsible and sustainable AI are also Baidu’s consistent technical thinking.

China has massive data and rich scenarios, a complete industrial chain, and policies to encourage innovation and creativity. no doubt,China is a deep soil for the growth of AI, and creators will usher in the golden decade of AI.

Finally, we end with Robin Li’s words: “Creators are the fellow travelers of our scientific and technological dreams, and they are also a great force to promote human progress.”

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Published on 08/27/2022