R&D in just 1 day! The fastest landing UV robot can sterilize a radiation room in 15 minutes!

Conor McGinn, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Trinity College Dublin and co-leader of the Robotics Innovation Laboratory (RAIL), has assembled a research team to develop a UV disinfection robot called Violet.

The Robot was tested at Midland Regional Hospital in Tullamore, Ireland, over the weekend, cleaning a radiology room in less than 15 minutes. Violet is still in the testing stage, and researchers believe that in the future, it could help hospitals reduce the burden of disinfection during the epidemic.

1. The development process only takes about 24 hours

In response to the new crown epidemic, hospitals in many countries and regions around the world are operating at full capacity, and medical personnel are understaffed.

In the disposal of severe infectious diseases, frequent and in-place disinfection steps are a very important part. But the job takes up a lot of human re

Published on 12/11/2022