Regem Marr EVOC Golden Code joins PI-CHINA Association, empowering machine vision technology to take off!

Recently, Regem Marr, relying on its technical strength and service advantages in the field of machine vision communication, was approved by the China Association of Mechatronics Technology Application – China PROFIBUS & PROFINET Association, and officially became a member of the association. Regem Marr EVOC Golden Code will further enhance the influence of PROFIBUS & PROFINET technology in the field of machine vision, and provide users with professional code reading & screen inspection solutions.

Regem Marr EVOC Golden Code joins PI-CHINA Association, empowering machine vision technology to take off!

Regem Marr is a code reading expert, and its smart code readers can provide a full range of Industrial communication protocols, including Ethernet, USB, RS-232, discrete I/O, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus TCP /IP can not only help users realize the interconnection of workshop workstations, but also seamlessly integrate with ERP, MES and other management systems, and even extend down to various intelligent equipment and instruments on site, effectively expanding application scenarios and reducing procurement communications The cost of module accessories helps the rapid development of digital intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

In the future, Regem Marr will continue to develop new industrial Ethernet protocol knowledge, equipped with a development environment, use a variety of innovative development tools, and continuously optimize the local device-side communication function, and join hands with the China PROFIBUS&PROFINET Association to jointly promote intelligent communication in the machine vision industry upgrade.

About PI-China

China PROFIBUS & PROFINET Association (hereinafter referred to as PI-CHINA) is the only RPA regional organization recognized and supported by PI International Organization in China. The developed PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-Link equipment provide quality assurance, and provide relevant technical support for members such as product testing and certification, technical training, and seminars.

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Published on 02/03/2023