Reversing difficult households have been rescued by the parking robot to stop a car in two minutes

According to a Reuters report on July 6, in China, parallel parking, which has caused many headaches, may become a thing of the past.Recently, a newly developed parkingRobotInvestment has been obtained. This Robot can do it for those who have difficulty reversing.

The parking Robot reportedly uses laser-guided technology. When in use, the robot drives to the bottom of the vehicle with the help of pulleys and slowly lifts the car. The robot is then able to automatically find an empty parking space and park the car compactly in the parking lot.

Reversing difficult households have been rescued by the parking robot to stop a car in two minutes

Shenzhen Yifeng Robot Technology Co., Ltd., the research and development unit of the robot, said that the robot can move 360 ​​degrees, and it takes less than two minutes to stop a car. There is also no need to lay tracks to use this set of robots. Plus, it makes better use of space than manual parking.

Yee Fung’s manager Wu participated in the creative research and development of the parking robot. He told Reuters that the robot was designed to improve parking efficiency. “It can move anywhere, and it may start a parking revolution in the future.”

The Chinese government expects that the number of cars in mainland China will exceed 200 million by 2020, which means finding a parking space will be even more difficult.

Manager Wu said that during the parking process, the robot sends a signal to the computer with a built-in map, and the computer guides the robot in real time to find a free parking space. The appearance of the robot is purple and green, and the cost is more than 1 million yuan.

He also revealed that many companies have expressed interest in buying the robot. Most of them are located in cities with higher land prices, including real estate companies in Singapore and London, public parking companies in the Middle East, and government agencies, developers and parking companies in China.

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Published on 09/18/2022