Robot and VR experience become the “popular king” of the exhibition

Robot and VR experience become the “popular king” of the exhibition

Cute and cute smart serviceRobotInteract with your audience.

Robot and VR experience become the “popular king” of the exhibition

Audiences put on VR glasses and engage in a space battle on a panoramic experience machine.

Visiting the Science and Technology Expo is not enough to just watch it, you have to experience it at zero distance. Asking questions to the Robot, putting on VR glasses to play “traveling”, taking a family photo with the drone… Looking around, these interactive booths are the most popular. Science and technology is no longer “only to be seen from a distance”, and ordinary people will know where the novelty is when they really play it, which makes the Expo become really interesting and relaxing.


“Youyou” comes for the second time and adds new skills

Although the overall number of robots has decreased from last year, they are still the most active elements in the exhibition area of ​​this year’s Expo.

“Youyou?” “What’s the matter!” “Youyou”, a 1.28-meter-tall humanoid commercial service robot, gave a rather unorthodox answer when talking to an audience member, which amused the entire scene. It is understood that this year’s “Youyou” is the second time to come to the Science and Technology Expo after making a splash at the Science and Technology Expo last year. Zhang Rui, the strategic project manager of Beijing Kangli Youlan Robot Technology Co., Ltd., said that “Youyou” has also grown up this year, adding a lot of new skills and becoming more “smarter”.

Microsecond-level face recognition, being able to find mineral water bottles, avoiding obstacles, and bionic motion control are all manifestations of the evolution of “Youyou”. “It can also guess Ding Ke’er, it reacts too fast, almost no one can beat it.” Zhang Rui said.

On the other side of the pavilion, the “Emoticon Emperor” Ronaldinho robot of Tammy Intelligent Company, with a height of 1.75 meters, not only shakes his head, his eyes are hooked, but also moves his arms flexibly, and his posture is moving. Lu Run, the relevant person in charge of the company, said that Ronaldinho is a robot used for entertainment performances and hosting. It has a pair of LCD eyes, and the eyes are constantly rolling. It has a very rich expression, and its limbs are also sensitive, reflecting the current situation. The development level of robots in the overall control technology of complex performance systems.

Lu Run said that robots are ending the previous situation of swarming and chaotic development, and manufacturers have also begun to focus on entering more subdivided fields. However, in the past year, there have not been many technological breakthroughs in robots, and most of the audience is in the initial stage of understanding. Overall, this market is far from mature.


Pockets also become “airports”

In the Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Exhibition Area in Hall 2, the reporter saw a staff member holding a black “small box” that was one circle larger than the palm of his hand and placed it in the air more than one meter high. It flew steadily in the air, hovering obliquely above the staff, and the footage it shot was displayed on the screen next to it in real time. When the subject makes a “scissor hand” gesture to it, it will take a picture; if it makes an “OK” gesture, it will stop following.

This is a follow-up drone called “Hover Camera”, which is independently designed and developed by Zero Zero Infinite. It is embedded with the world’s leading artificial intelligence technology, a unique fully enclosed rotor structure, and ultra-light and ultra-durable carbon fiber. The shell makes it safe to fly with your fingertips, pick it up in the air, and fly in close quarters.

“The whole machine weighs only 242 grams, and the main feature is automatic close-up shooting. I control it through gestures, and I don’t need a mobile phone at all. It is mostly used for travel and sports scenes. The fastest flight speed can reach 8 meters per second.” Zero Zero Infinite Operation Manager Yao Guanqi said.

With the advancement of technology, drones are getting smaller and smaller, so small that the pockets of clothes become “airports”.ExhibitionOn, ZERO Smart Control brings a pocket drone, the white body with the quadcopter folded is like a power bank, and it can be taken out for flying shooting at any time. In fact, this pocket drone was the “star” of the Spring Festival Gala, and 50 drones performed a formation flying show.

Drones are fun, “anti-drones” are fresher. Beijing Institute of Technology Quansheng Technology Co., Ltd. has developed an anti-drone system, which can detect and control drones, and solve the safety problems caused by the abuse of drones and black flying.

VR experience:

“Crossing” in situ to start the adventure

To say that the most attractive and long queue of the exhibition is the VR booth, as long as you put on a pair of high-tech glasses, you can “travel through time and space” in an instant, and experience a thrill that you would not experience in daily life.

In the electronic technology exhibition area of ​​Hall 1B, a full-camouflage tank was placed on the booth of the special effects theater, and 6 audience members sat on it, each wearing a black VR helmet. As the tank swayed, the people in the car screamed and laughed for a while, and occasionally put on a defensive posture in their hands.

It turned out that the audience in the car was experiencing a train ride through a large forest. From time to time, large animals jumped out in front of them, and the sounds of birds and the wind were very realistic. They had to get up and move their upper body at any time to “dodge” obstacles to complete the adventure.

At the Leke VR game booth next to him, Mr. He, a citizen in short-sleeved shorts, had just experienced a “ski”. He stood on a tech-savvy scooter, shaking his head from side to side while wearing a VR device. “The head is the steering wheel, shaking it to control the direction, and there are different themes such as outer space, virgin forest, and deep sea.” Mr. He felt very fresh.

In addition, the audience can also experience the second-generation VR helmet of Ant Vision, the world’s first self-pupillary distance adaptive technology, which can accurately calculate the horizontal space position and vertical height of the helmet wearer, and can achieve accurate position tracking with large-scale and infinite expansion.

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Published on 08/30/2022