Robot industry to seize the future

Robots have the advantages of standardization, safety and intelligence, and have a broad and huge market. In 2021, the scale of the global Robot market will continue to expand, the industrial Robot market will rebound strongly, the installation volume will hit a record high, and service robots and special robots will continue to develop rapidly, which will effectively promote the recovery of the global economy.

my country has also continued to expand and deepen the application of robots. At present, my country has become the world’s largest application market for robots, which not only accelerates the digital transformation of traditional industries, but also fully supports the high-quality development of emerging industries such as new energy vehicles and photovoltaic cells. In the fields of catering, retail, logistics and distribution, medical rehabilitation, etc., service robots continue to improve the level of social services.

Driven by the huge demand for the digital transformation of thousands of industries, the future of robots has come. So, can my country’s Robot industry seize the opportunity of innovation and development and upgrading?

From the perspective of my country’s robot industry itself, there is a broad application market, rich innovation resources, a good development environment, and a perfect industrial ecology. The market scale continues to grow rapidly, and a complete robot industry chain has been initially formed. With the continuous expansion of the application of “robot+”, robot enterprises will gradually develop and grow. It is foreseeable that in the globalized market, Chinese robots will definitely occupy an important share.

It should also be noted that there is still a gap between my country’s robots and the world’s advanced level. First and foremost, innovation is a daunting task. In terms of localization of core components such as precision reducers, intelligent controllers, and real-time operating systems, robots in my country are still in their infancy. There is still room for expansion in application scenarios, and many needs have yet to be met. Chinese robot companies should innovate and develop robot products and solutions based on specific scenarios, promote the development of products in the direction of high added value in the industrial chain, and accelerate the advancement of robots to the mid-to-high end.

The stability of the robot industry chain supply chain needs to be strengthened. At present, my country has basically formed a whole industrial chain system from Robot Parts to complete machines, and then to robot applications, and the toughness of the industrial chain has been continuously enhanced. At the same time, there are still problems that the industrial chain is unstable or the efficiency of the industrial chain is not high. Domestic robot companies should optimize the layout of the robot industry chain, strengthen international cooperation in the supply chain of the industry chain, and maintain the stability and security of the supply chain in my country’s industry chain.

The improvement of relevant legal systems in the field of robotics also needs attention. The robot industry should speed up the research and formulation of various national standards, industry standards and group standards, and actively carry out international cooperation, promote mutual recognition of standards, and promote the convergence of policies and regulations, quality standards, and inspection and certification. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the research on ethics and ethics, and formulate national-level robot ethics guidelines and promotion plans.

Looking forward to the future, on the road to the intelligent connection of all things and the integration of humans and machines, we expect Chinese robots to seize the opportunity and seek the future.

Published on 09/07/2022