Robot Wall-E is coming! 98% sorting rate solves the dilemma of construction waste siege

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Garbage sorting is the hardest and most tiring job, but today, this big problem that has plagued a generation may be alleviated. Recently, the first domestic decoration waste harmless treatment project was launched. The project introduced an innovative and high-tech company in Finland, ZenRobotics’ flagship product, artificial intelligence sorting system. The effective sorting rate of the system is 98%, the highest sorting speed is 3000 times/hour, and it can work 7*24 hours uninterrupted. It has been introduced and adopted by Australia, Japan, China, etc. Let’s learn together!

▎”Wall-E” is coming, the accuracy rate of garbage sorting is 98%

Movie”RobotIn “General Mobilization”, the garbage cleaner-WALLE, as the last guardian of the earth, after the earth was destroyed and abandoned by humans, he still diligently helped the earth to clean up the garbage.

Robot Wall-E is coming! 98% sorting rate solves the dilemma of construction waste siege

This film has left a deep impression in people’s hearts. Today, a real-life version of “Robot Wall-E” is about to hit, with the goal of freeing manpower from the dirty and dangerous labor of sorting garbage.

The real-life version of “Wall-E” is an artificial intelligence sorting system. It was developed by ZenRobotics, a Finnish company specializing in robotic recycling technology. It is the world’s first commercialized robotic waste sorting system.It includes software systems of artificial intelligence recognition technology and high-speed and high-precisionindustryRobot(mechanicalhand), which can be used to sort various categories of material.

It is understood that the artificial intelligence sorting system is different from the traditional sorting technology that relies on codes to identify materials. It mainly learns through “examples” and uses sensor scanning to identify the surface structure, shape and material composition of objects. The whole process does not require human participation, and there is no pre-programming to guide the Robot to do tasks, and the robot can make decisions completely autonomously.

According to the data, one robot can sort 4 kinds of garbage fragments with high precision, the effective sorting rate can reach 98%, the maximum sorting speed is 3000 times/hour, and the working time is 24 hours/day.

▎The production capacity of construction waste is huge, and the trillion-dollar market needs to be tapped

The “Report on the Development of China’s Construction Waste Recycling Industry (2014)” pointed out that my country’s annual construction waste generated due to new construction, demolition, and decoration is about 1.55 billion to 2.4 billion tons.

Robot Wall-E is coming! 98% sorting rate solves the dilemma of construction waste siege

However, the construction waste treatment industry has just started in my country. Because of the complex composition of decoration waste, low utilization value and high disposal cost, the industry cannot avoid it. Data show that the current utilization rate of construction waste in my country is less than 5%, while that in developed countries is as high as 95%.

Some insiders predict that if 95% of my country’s construction waste is turned into building materials, it will create a trillion-dollar output value.

Although there are still some controversies in the disposal of decoration waste, industry insiders believe that with the rapid improvement of social environmental protection awareness, the industry will usher in new opportunities for development.

According to the previous British Guardian report, ZenRobotics has now sold 32 machine sorting lines to countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, and China.

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Published on 09/03/2022