Robot writes earthquake script in 6 seconds

At 10:14 on May 29, an earthquake of magnitude 4.3 occurred in Anxian County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province.A few minutes later, a detailed earthquake report was widely circulated in the circle of friends, and it was unexpected that this detailed and timely earthquake news came from a company that was still in the testing stage.robotthe hands of reporters.

This 560-character earthquake report, including the news title, includes earthquake parameters, historical information about the earthquake at the epicenter, basic information about surrounding villages and towns, population information, geographic location, and environmental climate. Compared with ordinary earthquake quick reports, Robot reporters’ earthquake reports have more detailed information and richer content. The article also includes pictures and topographic maps of the epicenter area. These more detailed and detailed contents did not affect the timeliness of earthquake broadcasts, and the entire news only took 6 seconds from writing to publishing. Some netizens even ridiculed: “The robot wrote the earthquake news in 6 seconds, did the slow reporter panic?”

It is understood that the author of this earthquake news is the “earthquake information broadcasting robot” newly developed by the National Earthquake Network, which can automatically complete the writing and publishing of news reports throughout the whole process without manual intervention. At present, this robot is still in the testing stage and will be officially put into use in the near future.

In fact, it is not uncommon for Robots to write news. As early as March 17, 2014, the US “Los Angeles Times” used a robot to write a news report “A magnitude 4.4 earthquake occurred in Los Angeles” in 3 minutes; the Associated Press used a robot reporter to write financial news in July 2014, according to Claims to write 3,000 news stories per quarter. In China, in November last year, Xinhua News Agency’s writing robot “Kaibi Xiaoxin” also officially started to write Chinese and English manuscripts and financial information manuscripts in sports reports.

A report on the development of China’s media industry pointed out that in the next few years, Chinese media will generally use robots to write news articles, and robot writing will account for an increasing proportion of overall reports. It can be said that news writing robots still have a lot of room for development in the field of customized news. Because robots have an advantage in data processing, they can help traditional reporters to collect basic information more quickly and effectively, and improve the front-end efficiency of news reporting. On this basis, traditional reporters can also make overall control, deepen and refine the processing and analysis of information, so as to deliver more in-depth and warm news articles.

( reporter Zhang Zixuan)

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Published on 12/20/2022