How Robot Palletize and Stamp

Robotic Palletizing

The type of packaging, factory environment and customer needs have turned palletizing into a headache in the packaging factory. The biggest advantage of choosing a palletizing Robot is to free up labor. One palletizer can at least replace the workload of three or four workers. It greatly cuts labor costs.

A mechanical interface is installed on the end effector, and the gripper can be changed with each other, so that the palletizing robot can be used in more occasions, and it is used in industrial production and three-dimensional warehouses. The use of palletizing robots will undoubtedly greatly improve the productivity of the factory, reduce the work intensity of workers, and effectively protect the personal safety of workers in individual harsh working environments.


Robotic Stamping

Stamping robots can replace the tedious and repetitive labor of manual operations to achieve full automation of production machinery, and can ensure personal safety under high-speed operation in different environments, so they are widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronics, light industry. Because these industries have relatively more repetitive actions in the production process. The value of using stamping robots in these industries will be very high. During the operation process, we should pay more attention to robotic accessories.

These industries will be very efficient in using stamping robots to produce goods. It will bring higher profits to the company. Robot fully automated solution: save manpower and material resources and reduce the cost of enterprises in the production process. Take out the produced products and place them on the conveyor belt or the receiving platform to the designated target location. As long as one person manages or watches two or more injection molding machines at the same time, it can greatly save labor and labor costs, and make it an automatic assembly line. It can save the scope of use of the factory.

Published on 08/08/2022