Robotic surgery in Xinjiang has entered the era of ultra-precision to achieve “win-win” for doctors and patients

Robotic surgery in Xinjiang has entered the era of ultra-precision to achieve “win-win” for doctors and patients
Medical staff of the Autonomous Region People’s Hospital use Da VinciRobot, perform surgery on patients.Photo by Malick

China News Service, Urumqi, December 29 (Tao Shuanke) On the 29th, the reporter learned from the People’s Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (hereinafter referred to as the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region) that as of the 29th, the hospital has made great breakthroughs in the field of robotic surgery and minimally invasive surgical techniques. , Robotic surgical minimally invasive surgery exceeded 1,000 cases.

It is understood that in September 2019, the Autonomous Region People’s Hospital took the lead in introducing the fourth-generation Da Vinci surgical Robot in the northwest region, opening a new era in the field of surgical treatment in the northwest region. After two years, the Da Vinci surgical Robot has successfully performed thousands of operations in gastrointestinal surgery, urology, pediatric surgery, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, gynecology, anesthesiology, operating rooms, etc., leading the hospital’s surgical operations to be more precise and minimally invasive new era development.

Yang Yining, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Autonomous Region People’s Hospital, said that the promotion and popularization of Da Vinci robotic surgery is of great significance to improving the level of surgical treatment in Xinjiang, enhancing the ability to treat difficult and severe cases, and promoting the high-quality transformation and development of the hospital. In the future, our hospital will continue to effectively promote the improvement of precision medicine, minimally invasive medicine and the overall medical service level in Xinjiang. All clinical departments should further develop and innovate, make full use of the advantages of high-end equipment such as Da Vinci robots, strictly and accurately grasp the indications for surgery, and choose the most suitable treatment methods for patients, so that patients can recover safely and quickly, and further improve the level of diagnosis and treatment. The quality of medical care and the performance of medical services enhance the people’s sense of satisfaction in seeing a doctor.

Kelim Abdureyimu, the former vice president of the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region and the current director of laparoscopic and abdominal wall hernia surgery, said that after two years of use, the Da Vinci surgical Robot has precise surgical operations, faster postoperative recovery, and better healing. good advantage. In addition, the da Vinci surgical robot can operate around the target organ at different angles, and can work in a limited and narrow space, enabling the operator to work in a relaxed working environment, reducing fatigue and focusing more energy, reducing the number of surgical personnel, improving efficiency, and reducing Labor costs.

He said that after more than two years of operation, the Da Vinci surgical robot has been widely used in urology, general surgery, thoracic surgery, gynecology, pediatric surgery, cardiac surgery and head and neck surgery in Xinjiang. At the same time, the da Vinci surgical robot reduces hand tremor during operation, and the robot “inner wrist” is more flexible than laparoscopy.

Wang Lin, chief physician of the Department of Gynecology of the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region, said that since the Da Vinci surgical robot was launched in Xinjiang for two years, 376 cases of gynecology have been completed. For example, she said: “The da Vinci surgical robot has a 540-degree rotation. During the operation, the robotic arm is very stable, and it is more convenient to use the operation.”

She said that since the development of Da Vinci’s intelligent technology, surgical oncology treatment has entered the era of ultra-precision. “Robot surgery can show us the anatomical structure of blood vessels, nerves and lymph in three-dimensional, so that we can see more subtle structures and perform more precise surgical operations. Reduce bleeding and damage.” In addition, her robotic arm With a 540-degree rotation, doctors can perform full endoscopic “tubeless” thoracic tracheal reconstruction surgery under naked-eye 3D vision, and even perform surgical operations on lesions that are generally unreachable by endoscopic surgery. “

Wang Lin said that the da Vinci robot gives doctors a pair of super stable hands that can rotate 540 degrees freely, and a pair of high-definition 3D eyes that can magnify the image by 10 to 15 times. , blood vessels are easier to protect, allowing doctors and patients to achieve a “win-win”. (Finish)

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Published on 09/09/2022