Rockwell Automation: Intelligent O&M Boosts Subversive Innovation in the OEM Industry

Rockwell Automation: Intelligent O&M Boosts Subversive Innovation in the OEM Industry

Li Dong

Interview with Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd.

General Manager of OEM Division

Rockwell Automation: Intelligent O&M Boosts Subversive Innovation in the OEM Industry

At a time when the homogeneous competition in the global industrial chain is increasingly intensified, what does it mean for machine equipment manufacturers to increase production capacity by 30%, save human resources by 90%, and greatly reduce product launch time and energy consumption? This is a real case that was selected as “Forbes China’s Top 10 Industrial Digital Transformation Enterprises in China in 2021”.

A leading ice cream machinery and equipment enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the OEM market for more than 20 years, through the implementation of intelligent operation and maintenance and digital transformation of the whole life cycle, it has successfully realized the transition from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), from production to The transformation of server-side transformation. And this is not an exception. More and more OEM manufacturers realize that digital transformation is imminent.

“The transformation from manufacturing to manufacturing plus service is the general trend,” said Li Dong, general manager of the OEM business department of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd. “This is also the way for Chinese OEM companies to enter the international market, participate in global competition, and move towards high quality. , an important direction of sustainable development.”

So how can OEM companies break through the siege and quickly shift from the traditional low-value field to the high-value-added blue ocean market? The answer lies at both ends of the manufacturing smile curve. Relying on the century-old accumulation in the fields of industrial automation, informatization and digital transformation, how does Rockwell Automation help OEM customers to cope with the challenges of digital transformation, and empower the OEM industry in the three dimensions of open source, cost saving and subversion?

Digital Empowerment: Accelerating Machine Design and Development Efficiency

The shutdown of production lines and the increasingly fierce global competition brought about by the new crown epidemic have made domestic and foreign customers increasingly demanding OEM delivery times and product diversification. Faced with fleeting market opportunities, OEMs are eager to improve the efficiency of their design and development to maximize time-to-market while reducing cost and debug risk. In response to this demand, Rockwell Automation provides OEM customers with a solution based on digital twin technology – Emulate3D.

According to the latest “2021 Sustainability Report”, Rockwell Automation will strive to achieve carbon neutrality goals by 2030, and has passed ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 environmental management and safety standards for its 20 large-scale manufacturing plants Certification. As one of the world’s leading green and low-carbon new track benchmarking companies, Rockwell Automation carbon neutral solutions can cover 90% of China’s high carbon emission industries. We have reason to believe that Rockwell Automation, with the vision of “leading the infinite possibilities in the future”, will also lead the Chinese OEM industry to open a new chapter of sustainable development in the future.

Published on 08/27/2022