ROKAE Luoshi grandly debuted at OFweek Robot Online Exhibition

2020 is the year of mass deployment of 5G. The unique advantages of high-speed, low-latency, and large-capacity connections make people look forward to this new technology. It not only changed the information industry,RobotThe ecology will also undergo very significant changes.Data show that last year, my country’s Robot sales were close to 60.8 billion yuan, mainly in the form ofindustryRobotpredominately (66%).

In this context, in order to further promote the orderly development of the robotics industry and take the pulse of the latest development trends of the global market in 2020, the “OFweek 2020 China Robot Industry Online Summit andexhibition” will be held online on July 15, 2020.

ROKAE Luoshi grandly debuted at OFweek Robot Online ExhibitionImage Source:Provided by Luoshi

Relying on OFweek’s strong member data and excellent brand operation ability, this onlineExhibitionHundreds of well-known companies in the robotics industry will come together to participate in the exhibition. All exhibitors are high-quality suppliers that have been reviewed and recommended by OFweek. Among them, ROKAE will make a grand appearance with a new generation of flexible collaborative robots! And Zhang Xiaoliang, sales manager of Luoshi xMate flexible robot, will give you a detailed introduction.

Company Profile

ROKAE is committed to the technology research and development and innovation of a new generation of flexible robots, light industrial robots and high-end intelligent equipment. Its business covers auto parts, 3C electronics, precision machining,medical, scientific research and other vertical fields. Under the guidance of the vision of “changing the world with efficiency”, it helps user enterprises to continuously improve production efficiency, improve product quality, improve safety level, and promote industrial upgrading. The company’s headquarters and R&D center are located in Beijing. It has three regional companies in North China, East China, and South China. Its business covers more than ten countries around the world, including Germany, France, Russia, Japan, and South Korea.

Exhibited Products

A new generation of flexible robots independently developed by Luoshi – xMate

ROKAE Luoshi grandly debuted at OFweek Robot Online ExhibitionImage Source:Provided by Luoshi

With high-sensitivity force perception & high-dynamic force control, xMate has become a competent partner for human production and life, empowering flexible intelligent manufacturing. Has the following advantages:

1. Smart – 7 degrees of freedom design, redundant motion control, precise and flexible

xMate adopts a 7-degree-of-freedom redundant motion design. The robot can achieve the same end pose in different configurations. Null-Space Motion technology enables the robot to flexibly avoid obstacles in a narrow working space and improve the effective working range of the robot. .

2. Sensitive – sensitive force perception, one-touch stop, ultimate safety

Each joint of xMate is configured with high-precision torquesensorso that it has the sensitive collision detection ability of “one-finger touch stop”, and cooperates with the perfect safety function design such as virtual wall, speed limit, torque limit, etc., so that it can eliminate themechanicalThe fence interacts and cooperates with people, thereby reducing the cost of production environment transformation and improving flexible production deployment capabilities.

3. Smart – full state feedback, high dynamic force control, zero force drag

xMate adopts direct force control technology with full state feedback, which enables it to have high dynamic force control and compliance control capabilities while taking into account the high precision of position control. xMate can independently set the stiffness of each degree of freedom in axis space and Cartesian space, so that it has the same flexibility as a human arm. With the perfect force control search function, it can be used for precision parts assembly, fine grinding and other application scenarios. The zero-force drag and active compliance based on direct force control enable xMate to be used in non-industrial scenarios such as auxiliary medical care and rehabilitation care.

4. Dexterity – no control cabinet design, lightweight body, easy to deploy

xMate adopts an integrated design without a control cabinet, and the robot arm integrates the maincontroller, safety controller and expansion interface module, the total weight of the entire robot system is only 20kg. Combined with the highly integrated modular joint design and compact shape design, it can be deployed in narrow spaces, reducing application deployment costs. No control cabinet and lightweight design also make the application of xMate and AGV more convenient.

5. Flexible – accurate reproduction of drag teaching, zero-based graphical operation

xMate’s cross-platform robot operation software can run on common devices such as notebooks and tablet computers. It adopts a graphical interactive guide programming method. xMate provides a Navigator tool for manual teaching and teaching. With the “practical-level” drag function, it can realize Direct teaching of points and continuous trajectories, and accurate reproduction of drag teaching, enabling zero-based use of the robot. xMate provides more comprehensive control functions through the RL programming language, and provides RCI underlying control capabilities to meet the needs of education, scientific research,automationProcess research and development and other high-end user needs.

More concurrent events

The “OFweek 2020 China Robot Industry Online Summit and Exhibition”, hosted by OFweek, the portal of China’s high-tech industry, and organized by OFweek Robotics, will be held online on July 15, 2020.

During the exhibition, OFweek officials also organized intensive online conferences on technology, market and products, well-known scholars, experts, and industry leaders interacted with the audience throughout the whole process. Mysterious gift, it’s a pity to miss it!

About OFweek

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Published on 09/07/2022