Schneider Electric attended the 2022 Energy Enterprise Information and Network Security Conference – Industrial Information Security “escorts” digital transformation

On August 16, the 2022 China Energy Enterprise Information and Network Security Conference, hosted by the China Machinery Industry Federation, with the theme of “Improving Information and Network Security and Ensuring the Digital Transformation of Energy Enterprises”, was held from August 15 to 16. Pei Yuandou, head of Schneider Electric’s industrial automation information security business, was invited to attend. In view of the common challenges faced by the energy industry, he shared how Schneider Electric “escorts” the digital transformation of energy companies with full life cycle information security.

Schneider Electric attended the 2022 Energy Enterprise Information and Network Security Conference – Industrial Information Security “escorts” digital transformation

In the energy industry with strong production continuity, complex processes and large fluctuations in working conditions, enterprises urgently need to improve their production and operation efficiency and competitiveness through digital transformation; on the other hand, in digital transformation, emerging information technology, communication technology and data The widespread use of technology has also made information security a top priority for business operations. “At present, external factors such as frequent external security incidents and tightening of laws and regulations are prompting energy companies to pay more attention to information security issues. Data shows that 47% of energy companies have reported having suffered cyber attacks,” Pei Yuandou analyzed. , digital transformation is a powerful driving factor for enterprises, and information security will become one of the important carriers and realization methods for energy enterprises to achieve a series of digital benefits such as energy conservation, consumption reduction, quality improvement, and efficiency enhancement.”

As an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy management and automation, Schneider Electric provides energy companies with interconnected products, consulting, and overall solutions for digital transformation. It also provides energy companies with full-lifecycle information security services to ensure their long-term stability. normal operations, while escorting the digital transformation of enterprises:

  • Follow national/international standards: Following the internationally recognized IEC62443 and related national standard systems in the field of industrial automation, Schneider Electric defines relevant security requirements, procedures and frameworks, and adopts the form of defense in depth to bridge the security gap between the status quo and requirements, thereby reducing information The impact of safety on production and operation, personal, equipment and environmental safety;
  • Multi-level response: Through the product development of the SDL security life cycle, secure system delivery, and information security solutions and services, together with trusted technology partners to provide information security for energy companies, Schneider Electric implements information security concepts and practices. To enable the whole process of the enterprise;
  • Schneider Electric’s global information security strategy: It covers core industrial products based on standard technical specifications, security products provided by leading suppliers, information security services supported by experts, and competence centers and white papers that provide industry insight and advice, providing information security practices for enterprises. Complete capability support from concept to implementation.

Standing at the “intersection” of the energy industry and digital transformation, Schneider Electric is actively exploring the construction of energy system information security protection capabilities. With the existing Foxboro DCS distributed control system, Triconex safety instrumented system, and AVEVA OTS operator simulation training system, as well as complete information security construction capabilities in the full life cycle integrating IT/OT experience, Schneider Electric helps operators carry out risk assessment, Based on a series of information security practices such as strengthening the basic security capabilities of borders and hosts, and improving the expansion and optimization of detection and response capabilities, it finally passed the third-level evaluation of network security level protection 2.0 (level protection 2.0) with high scores, which is a clean and low-carbon environment for the region. The transmission of energy provides reliable information security protection.

In this regard, Pei Yuandou concluded: “In the context of new infrastructure and industrial Internet, information security is no longer an option, but one of the important basic supporting technologies. Focus on the characteristics of industrial control systems and carry out targeted measures. The transformation of information security system design, operation, maintenance and promotion management processes and concepts will help this important support to be implemented.” Following rigorous concepts, policies and methodology, Schneider Electric will continue to be committed to providing energy companies with information security capabilities. products and protection solutions, realize the information security guarantee of the whole life cycle, and go to the digital future together with energy enterprises.

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Published on 08/27/2022