Schneider Electric smart home “Yue Family” launched the infinite extension of smart life

A few days ago, Schneider Electric held a smart home salon with the theme of “Yueyuan Zhiyouhui” in Beijing, launched the Schneider Electric smart home Yueyuan series of family products, and invited a number of designers, service providers and other guests in the home field to participate. The meeting will conduct in-depth exchanges on the development and creation of smart homes. On the basis of the recently released Yueyuan wireless smart home switch panel, Schneider Electric’s smart home “Yue Family” has added Yueyuan video intercom equipment to help build an intelligent overall solution to open up indoor home life and outdoor community management.

Li Min, head of the intelligent system market of Schneider Electric’s smart home business department, firstly analyzed the inevitability of smart home development from the current situation of the real estate industry. He said that although the pressure of macro policies and social environment has affected the real estate industry to a certain extent, the policy of accelerating the development of digital homes and the proposal of dual carbon goals have pointed out the direction of transformation for real estate companies. At present, more and more real estate companies are exploring and developing with multiple models. In addition to developers, housing companies have gradually assumed the role of operators, providing overall community management services, and even focusing on property companies and technology companies to achieve sustainable revenue. To achieve real sustainable business value, this requires real estate companies to return to quality and reduce the cost of building management and operation. Therefore, bringing more added value to users through intelligent products and using digital means to enhance management efficiency will become the core factors in the transformation of housing enterprises.

Focusing on consumers, more and more frequent home life has also increased people’s demand for smart homes. According to a market survey of the new middle-class people listening to their needs to improve their living experience, nearly half of the respondents were dissatisfied with their home decoration, especially that the overall space planning of the house was unreasonable and insufficient to achieve work, leisure, and self-reliance. In addition, consumers also believe that the quality of living is also reflected in health and greenness. Many people hope to use smart devices to improve sleep, eliminate indoor bacteria, and even save household energy consumption.

Schneider Electric smart home “Yue Family” launched the infinite extension of smart life

As the first entry-level drainage product of Schneider Electric’s Wiser smart home product matrix, the Yueyuan series is easy to operate and has a simple and versatile shape, especially suitable for consumers who are trying smart homes for the first time. In terms of design, Yueyuan series products continue the shape design features of Schneider Electric’s traditional switch products of the same series that are widely praised by the market. The soft matte matte surface is visually lighter, full of style, and can be perfectly integrated with traditional switches to ensure consistent wall aesthetics.

Through Yueyuan wireless smart home products, it can help users achieve lighting automation control, indoor light environment management, home situation mode preset, home energy efficiency management and other needs. Users can easily view and control home equipment and scenes through the mobile phone APP or smart speakers; using the combination with different equipment products, users can also preset custom scenes, and adjust the sound, light, temperature and humidity in the room with one click. Meet the needs of different home activities.

The video intercom indoor unit of Schneider Electric Yueyuan series launched simultaneously at the event has the same design style as the smart panel. In addition to basic functions such as intercom function, visitor information query, indoor and defense zone alarms, etc., it also has multiple unlocking modes, and can be extended and linked with public facilities such as elevators, public area monitoring, and parking systems, thereby extending smart home life to community and travel.

How to integrate the function and design of smart home into the overall space design is also the focus of many participants. This event invited Jia Lilai, founder and design director of Lihe Space Design Office, to share the application of smart home solutions in his past works. The “joint design” case he showed was a new art exhibition space transformed from an old warehouse. In the design process, the designer hopes to retain the vicissitudes of the old warehouse and the profound traces of the years. Through Schneider Electric’s smart home product solutions, it is perfectly realized that the equipment is hidden in the space itself with a simple design, and the lighting and scene functions are produced. The unique light and shadow atmosphere makes the exhibition effect of artworks more textured.

During the free exchange session, designers, service providers and other guests present ideas for the future development of smart homes. It is generally agreed that technology creates a better life, and intelligent technology is the foundation. Smart homes must focus on the needs of users themselves, and create personalized care and integration to bring users a better experience. At the same time, the device itself must be able to integrate into different home environments to provide aesthetic pleasure in life. As a leader in smart home solutions, Schneider Electric is committed to infiltrating every detail of home life with innovative technology, and relying on the Wiser smart home system to draw a new picture of “digital life” and “good life”.

Schneider Electric smart home “Yue Family” launched the infinite extension of smart life

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Published on 10/04/2022