Semir’s hand in hand with deep painting intelligent designers to be replaced by robots?

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: News on March 24, recently, Hangzhou Shenhui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it has reached a cooperation with Semir Group. artRobotComplete the new work such as typesetting.

At the 2016 Thinking Enterprise E-commerce Service Conference, Shao Feichun, general manager of Semir E-commerce, pointed out that all jobs that do not create new value will be replaced by robots and the sharing economy, and proposed that “content is product, what you see is what you buy” and “social The standard and appreciation of beauty will be greatly improved” and so on.

Shao Feichun also said that Semir will start from the inside and begin to practice the view that “all jobs that do not create new value are replaced by robots”, and realize the improvement of efficiency and standardization of vision from the perspective of e-commerce.

It is reported that in addition to Semir, Ruhan E-commerce, which focuses on the comprehensive services of popular e-commerce, also began to use this art Robot this month. Cheng Ke, COO of Ruhan E-commerce, said that Ruhan has been continuously deploying informatization and intelligence, and it is necessary to realize the intelligence and efficiency of the whole process from the incubation of Internet celebrities to the upstream and downstream of clothing e-commerce. The art robot can improve efficiency and optimize products in the production of product detail pages and new stores in multiple stores, which is more in line with Ruhan’s development direction.

According to Shenhui, the Shenhui art robot can replicate the thinking of art design. The operator enters the product field information such as product item number and color in the system, and after uploading the photographic picture package, the robot can automatically complete the design and layout of hundreds of detail pages within dozens of minutes.

According to Yibang Power Network, Shenhui Intelligent was established in 2015, focusing on the research and application of intelligent design and typesetting, and presenting subjective design requirements at an objective technical level through artificial intelligence. The “Deep Painting Art Robot” developed by it is gradually replacing designers to complete the design of clothing product detail pages, thereby improving the work efficiency of designers.

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Published on 08/31/2022