SenseTime helps Kangliyoulan create a face recognition robot

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Through the integration of SenseTime’s face recognition technology, Cannyyou LanyouyouRobotIt realizes safe, convenient, accurate and efficient customer identification, automatically understands customer information and provides customized services, and turns passive services into active ones, which not only reduces the labor cost of the bank, but also significantly improves the bank’s customer service level.

Imagine that you are a VIP customer of a bank. When you go to do business and step into the first step of the bank branch, a cute Robot guide will greet you, call your name, and then automatically make Precise guidance, arrange the window for business processing, and you do not need to take the initiative to show any identity credentials throughout the process, what kind of experience will it be?

SenseTime helps Kangliyoulan create a face recognition robot

In the field of banking services, guides are mainly responsible for diverting customers to handle business and answering business inquiries. However, all along, customers need to show their identity certificates when they come to handle business. The guides cannot actively respond to the customers who come, and the service efficiency is not high, and it also consumes a lot of manpower. Around 2020, China will experience a cliff-like labor gap. How to improve the service level while solving the rising labor cost has become a major problem in banking services.

In this context, service robots with artificial intelligence technology have become a new focus in the field of banking services. Founded in 2006, Beijing Kangli Youlan Robot Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous Robot companies in China.The company hopes to introduce face recognition technology for its latest intelligent service robot, using the uniqueness of the face to achieve efficient identification of customersautomationIdentify, proactively grasp customer information at the first time, and automatically arrange follow-up customized services when customers enter the bank, thereby fundamentally helping banks improve service levels on the basis of saving labor costs.

However, as a public place, the bank lobby has a complex environment, and the application of face recognition technology will be challenged. First, the bank’s customer face data is highly confidential information, so the robot’s face recognition needs to be performed offline; second, the accuracy of face recognition must be When the expression changes, it can surpass the recognition level of the human eye and maintain a stable and consistent performance; third, the entire identity detection process needs to be controlled within 1 second, so that when the customer enters the bank, the instant Complete the customer’s identity detection in order to arrange the follow-up customized services; Fourth, the realization of the whole set of solutions requires a high degree of hardware integration to facilitate terminal deployment.

In response to the technical demands of Cannyyoulan, SenseTime, which has the industry’s leading computer vision technology and focuses on breakthroughs in artificial intelligence core “deep learning” algorithm, provides it with an overall solution for face recognition technology, combined with its own deep learning platform. On the one hand, it realizes the efficient operation of the entire face recognition system in the embedded system of Youyou Robot, and only needs to add a camera to complete the deployment. On the other hand, the face recognition function in the offline environment is also realized. The manager only needs to input the customer’s face information, and the robot can work autonomously.

SenseTime helps Kangliyoulan create a face recognition robot

SenseTime helps Kangliyoulan create a face recognition robot

Youyou robot works autonomously through face recognition

The face recognition technology provided by SenseTime for Canny Blue includes: face detection and capture, positioning of key facial information, and face information comparison, to ensure efficient, efficient and effective operation in the complex environment of the bank lobby. Convenient face recognition. First, through the face detection technology, the face of the current customer can be locked at the speed of milliseconds from the picture captured by the robot camera; secondly, through the facial key point positioning technology, the eyes and mouth can be completed at the speed of microseconds. 106 key points on the face, such as nose contour, can be accurately positioned, and will not be affected by changes in light, expression, and hair occlusion. Third, through face authentication technology, the current face and customer The comparison of face information in the database shows that the false detection rate is less than 1 in 100,000 when 96% of the faces are authenticated.

Liu Xuenan, founder and CEO of Cannyyoulan, said: “The intelligent service robot driven by SenseTime’s face recognition technology, after being put into use in multiple banks, brings great benefits to customers who come to the bank for business, especially VIP customers. Great convenience, the operation efficiency of the lobby has been significantly improved. Previously, when customers went to the bank to do business, they needed to manually swipe their card to receive the number, which took about 6 to 8 seconds. Longer. After adopting this robot, when customers enter the door, the robot can automatically complete the identification, and the whole process is close to zero delay, which greatly improves the customer experience.”

Liu Gang, Vice President of SenseTime, said: “Based on big data, the improvement of computing performance and the breakthrough of deep learning, artificial intelligence led by computer vision technology is improving the service level of the service industry in an all-round way. The automated service mechanism can not only crack the labor force The problem of gradually rising costs, surpassing human intelligence performance in specific fields, can fundamentally drive the upgrade of service models. SenseTime’s vision technology is closely integrated with Cannyyoulan’s robots, turning business scenarios from passive services into active ones. , to help banks achieve a comprehensive upgrade of service levels.”

In the future, CANNYULAN will continue to cooperate deeply with SenseTime, and use high-tech means such as visual recognition technology, including face recognition, as an important support for CANNYULAN’s intelligent service robot, through the deployment of the most advanced technologies. Drive product and service upgrades. At the same time, it is hoped that through the cooperation between the two parties, the rapid response and high recognition rate of visual recognition technology headed by face recognition will become the industry standard, and vision will become the most important sensory link of robots. The maturity and promotion of vision technology will fundamentally change the entire robotics industry and point out the direction for the future of the service industry.

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Published on 10/09/2022