Shenyang Release: Witness “China’s Speed, China’s Level”

——Report of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection and return visit to Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd.

Shenyang in August is beautiful and full of vitality. On August 20, the reporter walked into Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinsong Company) located in Hunnan District, where there is a happy atmosphere everywhere.

In the C2 Robot assembly and commissioning workshop of SIASUN, the slogans of “Strengthening the Country with Science and Technology and Industry to Serve the Country”, “Struggle to Achieve Dreams and Rejuvenate the Country”, “Time is not for me, only for the day and the night” are clearly eye-catching. The ground is the world of robots: Bright China Red is an industrial Robot, and the light yellow, medium yellow, and white robots that come and go are mobile robot squares; there are also collaborative robots, compound robots, cleaning robots, special robots… These robots show the products of SIASUN. The essence, concentrated, is the history of Chinese robot development.

On August 17, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to SIASUN for inspection and affirmed the achievements of the company’s independent innovation and industrialization development, saying that SIASUN reflected China’s speed and Chinese level. All SIASUN employees were greatly encouraged.

Xinsong has a new name – “China Speed, China Level”

34-year-old Bu Zheng joined the factory in 2015. He is a mechanical design engineer for the special robot BG of SIASUN. He was fortunate to listen to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech in person. He has been in a state of excitement for a few days.

“I was really excited to hear the general secretary talk about innovation in person!” Talking about the situation at that time, Bu Zheng was always surrounded by a huge sense of happiness.

The same feeling as Bu Zheng is, Qu Yechuang, the operation director of Industrial Robot BG, who listened to the speech of the general secretary, said: “This is the most exciting time our company has been established for more than 20 years. At this moment, the arrival of the general secretary is a full affirmation of our path of independent innovation.”

Likewise, two employees, Li Mingru and Chen Xun, who communicated face-to-face with the general secretary at the scene, were also greatly encouraged.

Shenyang Release: Witness “China’s Speed, China’s Level”

▲ Chen Sang and Li Mingru are working in the debugging workshop

“The general secretary came to our workshop and asked us our name, age, what kind of work we were doing, etc. The general secretary cared about our employees and was particularly interested in the work we were doing,” said Li Mingru, general manager of the Mobile Robot BG Automotive Equipment Division.

On the same day, on the screen of the mobile robot system console, Chen Shuang, deputy general manager of the mobile robot BG product and solution business department, showed the general secretary the whole process of mobile robot manufacturing. “The general secretary pays special attention to our scientific researchers and core technologies. The encouragement given to us is huge.”

“‘China’s speed, China’s level’ is an affirmation of SIASUN’s 22-year insistence on innovation. We are extremely excited and proud.” said Zhang Jin, President of SIASUN.

In the past two days, in the WeChat Moments of most SIASUN employees, the eight characters of “China’s speed, China’s level” are the hottest “headlines”. “The employees are proud of this, we are the happiest people!” In front of reporters, Bu Zheng launched his WeChat circle of friends, all of which were densely liked.

Another name of SIASUN, “China’s speed, China’s level”, began to be known throughout the country.

Adhering to independent innovation is the “basic point” of enterprise development

During this inspection, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “We must adhere to self-reliance, put the development of the country and the nation on the basis of our own strength, and firmly grasp the development initiative.”

Zhang Jin said frankly that the general secretary’s visit to SIASUN is an affirmation of the company’s development history.

In the past years, as far as SIASUN is concerned, the “basic point of its own strength” is independent innovation. It is because of the gene of innovation that Xinsong has formed the soul of innovation, and the company has achieved today’s brilliance.

▲ The robotic arm robot is working

Founded in 2000, SIASUN was born out of the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, with its own innovative genes. Since its establishment, it has determined its own mission and responsibilities: national strategy executor, meeting national strategic needs; aiming at the world’s technological frontier, seizing the world’s robotics highland; facing the main economic battlefield, serving China’s industry; meeting people’s high-quality life needs, and strive to improve the quality of life of the people. The mission and responsibility determine that it is the pioneer of China’s robot industry. It must master the core technology and firmly take the road of independent innovation and development.

As the national robot industrialization base and the national robot standardization general group leader unit, SIASUN has continuously achieved technological innovation and breakthroughs, achieved more than 1,300 patents, participated in the formulation of more than 20 national standards, and filled more than 100 Chinese robot industries. In this blank, a whole-industry value chain integrating core technologies, core components, core products and industry system solutions has been constructed, and five series of products including industrial robots, mobile robots and special robots have been formed, which has become an international robot One of the companies with the most complete product lines, its products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and it has provided industrial upgrading services for more than 4,000 companies.

It is precisely by placing development on “the basis of its own strength” that SIASUN has firmly grasped the development initiative and has been leading the development direction of China’s robot industry.

Talent-driven strategy enables companies to be full of creativity

“Young people are full of vigor and vitality, which is the hope for the development of enterprises. Party committees and governments at all levels must create a good environment to fully stimulate the innovation and creativity of young people, encourage them to innovate in various fields, and climb the peak bravely, in order to promote the new era. Make greater contributions to the revitalization of the Northeast.”

Hearing that the general secretary had high hopes for the young people, the employees of Xinsong Company were boiling. As the main force of the company, this group of technical backbones with an average of 35 years old is more confident and eager to try.

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Published on 09/01/2022