Shenzhen Football Introduces 60 Robotic Soccer Babies with Artificial Intelligence

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Recently, a focus battle of the Chinese League One was staged in Shenzhen Stadium, and Shenzhen Kaisa played against Wuhan Zall at home.This game attracted more than 10,000 fans to watch the game. In addition to the highlights on the field, there are also bright spots in the game. Shenzhen Football has introduced the most popular and trendy artificial intelligence – Sanbao Platform.RobotEnter the pitch to cheer for the home team. The football field is equipped with artificial intelligence for the first time, which also allows fans and friends to see a more diversified football game.

Shenzhen Football Introduces 60 Robotic Soccer Babies with Artificial Intelligence


The Sanbao platform Robot that helped out this time came from Shenzhen innovative enterprise Qihan Technology. Not long ago, Sanbao was awarded the top ten brands of commercial service robots in the previous year. This time, nearly 60 robots were dispatched to the Shenzhen Stadium to promote the team. It is also innovative.

At the scene, the Robot also gave full play to the multiple values ​​of artificial intelligence. It was easy for the host to welcome guests. The audience could see its welcoming figure on the guest sign-in wall when entering the venue, and the refueling slogan was played in a loop to make the fans feel it when they entered the venue. Football is hot. In addition, in the game experience area specially set up by the organizer for entertainment, Sanbao also serves as the host to introduce the game links and participation methods to the fans and audiences. The innovative entertainment methods also bring a unique high-quality experience to the audience.

The most burning moment of the game occurred during the halftime interval of the game. 60 Sanbao platform robots were divided into two camps and entered the stadium. Surrounded by music, they began to dance passionately, igniting the enthusiasm of the fans.

As a microcosm of artificial intelligence, the Sanbao platform robot can incorporate developers from hundreds of industries into Sanbao’s solution developer ecosystem, and independently develop application terminals that meet industry needs for exclusive industries, thereby helping to enhance service value. , to create a better innovation experience.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence has allowed us to see more possibilities. It is believed that this artificial intelligence-assisted football match is only a starting point. Only in the field of sports, in the sports industry, mass fitness, etc., artificial intelligence with a huge concept has considerable use. The changes brought about by big data and intelligent algorithm analysis will create more possibilities for all walks of life in the future.

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Published on 10/19/2022