Siemens 2022 Realize LIVE User Conference in Greater China opens

On August 25, the Siemens Digital Industry Software “2022 Greater China Realize LIVE User Conference” officially kicked off online. With the theme of “Driving Digital Transformation and Leading the Era of Innovation”, the conference shared how Siemens digital industrial software helps enterprises of all sizes to achieve digital success and create differentiated value; Exchanges on hot topics such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, automotive electronics, industrial Internet of Things, etc., explore the integration and application of new technologies in industrial scenarios, and analyze how enterprises can achieve “quality development” through innovation under today’s complex challenges.

Siemens 2022 Realize LIVE User Conference in Greater China opens

Rooted for a hundred years

Casting the “soft” power of China’s industry

2022 coincides with the 150th year of Siemens entering the Chinese market. In the past 150 years, Siemens has always followed the pace of China’s modernization process, and contributed to the digital transformation and sustainable development of China’s industries with continuous innovation and large-scale applications. Industrial software, as an important engine for digital transformation, plays a role in Siemens’ industrial footprint. a very crucial part.

Siemens 2022 Realize LIVE User Conference in Greater China opens

Siemens Digital Industry Software

Liang Naiming, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Greater China

In the opening speech of the conference, Liang Naiming, senior vice president of Siemens Digital Industry Software and managing director of Greater China, reiterated the positive role of industrial software in Siemens China’s century-old development path: “Since 1872, Siemens and China’s industrial, basic and Customers and partners in various fields of facilities, transportation and medical care continue to build a digital ecology and green ecology. In the process, industrial software as a catalyst for industrial digitalization is also continuously developing and evolving: from the initial PLM to today including machinery, electronics, Full-stack solutions including software design, cloud-based IoT operating system and low-code development to create product digital twins, production digital twins and performance digital twins. In addition to the soft ‘power’, it also builds the ‘soft’ power of digital transformation for Chinese enterprises.”

Liang Naiming then shared the latest achievements of Siemens digital industrial software in China: from building a private cloud-based industrial IoT platform and low-code platform for COMAC, which has just completed the C919 flight test mission; to helping Lee Kum Kee, a century-old sauce company, integrate digital and Automation, to achieve higher production flexibility and product quality, Siemens industrial software has penetrated into all walks of life, deep into China’s social development and people’s daily life. Liang Naiming said: “Industrial software is the core element of intelligent manufacturing to achieve high-quality development. Years of hard work in the Chinese market have allowed us to deeply integrate into the new pattern of China’s development. We will continue to work with more partners to promote industry integration and innovation and help Chinese industrial enterprises. Stimulate endogenous growth momentum and jointly empower a better life.”

Siemens 2022 Realize LIVE User Conference in Greater China opens

Breaking down OT/IT barriers

Shaping the Next Generation Converged Environment

Digital transformation requires holistic thinking and full-chain coverage. Siemens Xcelerator brings targeted, customized and comprehensive digital transformation methodologies to customers through integrated technologies, services and industrial knowledge. Through the integration of IT and OT and comprehensive digital twins, it can connect everything from factory control software to edge computing equipment, All links from chip to city. In his keynote speech, Tony Hemmelgarn, President and CEO of Siemens Digital Industry Software, detailed Xcelerator’s full-chain empowerment of the next-generation converged environment, including how Xcelerator software helps global enterprises achieve high-quality operations with executable digital twins, using semiconductors Lifecycle management solutions build digital thinking from chip design to mechanical design, link product cost and CO2 emissions with the Teamcenter product cost analysis management system, and enable factory optimization with an easy-to-use low-code platform.

Siemens 2022 Realize LIVE User Conference in Greater China opens

Siemens Digital Industry Software

Tony Hemmelgarn, President and CEO

In response to the strong demand of enterprises to create sustainable and resilient supply chains, Tony Hemmelgarn focused on Siemens’ new smart supply chain solutions: “Siemens smart supply chain solutions include supply chain planning, supply chain execution, supply chain visibility and MES, It can provide end-to-end visibility from pickup to delivery for the entire supply chain, effectively enhance collaboration capabilities, and improve customer business flexibility and precision.”

The sword refers to “lightweight”, with ecology to the future

The repeated COVID-19 epidemics have brought short-term and long-term impacts on the manufacturing industry. Enterprises have an increasing demand for lean production and remote collaboration. Cloud computing is releasing connection value with industrial software and penetrating into the core scenarios of manufacturing production. It provides opportunities for large-scale enterprises to join the digital track. Siemens is aware of this trend. In recent years, Siemens has joined hands with leading cloud computing service providers such as Amazon Cloud Technology, Alibaba Cloud, and Tencent Cloud to build a cloud ecosystem to help companies of all sizes face industrial challenges. During the conference, Liang Naiming announced that Siemens Digital Industry Software will cooperate with Amazon Cloud Technology to launch “Xcelerator as a Service” (Xcelerator as a Service) for Chinese customers this fall. Industrial software helps Chinese companies reduce product design and production complexity. Shen Tao, General Manager of Multinational Enterprises and Telecom Industry Division of Amazon Cloud Technology China, shared the latest progress and significance of the cooperation between the two parties at the meeting: “The global cooperation between Amazon Cloud Technology and Siemens has lasted for ten years. We continue to deepen our cooperation to accelerate the digitalization of the industrial sector. Xcelerator as a Service can provide enterprises with new manufacturing insights and process automation capabilities, and deploy connected services to provide customized solutions for any stage of the digitalization process.”

Siemens 2022 Realize LIVE User Conference in Greater China opens

At the same time, as the core value of the open ecosystem of Siemens digital industrial software, the rich practical experience and professional accumulation of customers not only provide reference for the development of the industry, but also further feed back the design and improvement of the ecosystem. At the meeting, Yang Min, Director of Data and Information System Department of Passenger Car Company, a subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corporation, shared the way of digital transformation of SAIC Passenger Vehicle, and introduced how SAIC Passenger Vehicle can quickly develop software with the help of Siemens low-code development platform , landing digital scenarios, enabling ecological composition; Yang Jie, global vice president of Dell Technologies Group and general manager of pre-sales system engineering department in Greater China, shared how to use Dell Technologies’ modern IT infrastructure, combined with industry characteristics and application scenario requirements, In collaboration with Siemens software, it creates an agile and stable digital transformation IT infrastructure base for industrial enterprises, helping enterprises face digital challenges and accelerate digital transformation.

“Riding the waves and taking advantage of the wind, Siemens digital industrial software promotes the sustainable development of China’s manufacturing industry through digital upgrades and application innovations, achieves cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, transformation and upgrading. Facing the trends of industrial software lightweight, customization, and intelligence, etc. , we will continue to adhere to the concept of openness, coordinate development with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, integrate industrial fragments, condense the new kinetic energy of the digital ecology, and join hands with China to achieve the next century of glory!”

——Siemens Digital Industry Software

Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Greater China

Liang Naiming

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Published on 09/07/2022