Six departments including the Ministry of Science and Technology issued a document to coordinate the promotion of artificial intelligence scene innovation

The opinions pointed out that scene innovation is oriented by the creative application of new technologies, and takes the linkage of supply and demand as the path to realize the iterative upgrading of new technologies and the process of rapid industrial growth. Promoting AI scene innovation is of great significance for promoting higher-level application of AI and better supporting high-quality development. The rapid development of artificial intelligence technology in my country, the increasingly abundant data and computing resources, and the continuous expansion of application scenarios have laid a solid foundation for the innovation of artificial intelligence scenarios. However, there are still problems such as insufficient understanding of scenario innovation, insufficient system design for major scenarios, insufficient opening of scenario opportunities, and imperfect scenario innovation ecology. It is necessary to strengthen the overall guidance of AI scenario innovation.

The opinions emphasize that the main line of promoting the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy is to promote the opening of scene resources and enhance the ability of scene innovation, strengthen the cultivation of subjects, increase application demonstration, innovate systems and mechanisms, improve scene ecology, and accelerate artificial intelligence technology research. , product development and industrial cultivation, explore new models and paths of artificial intelligence development, and promote high-quality economic development with high-level applications of artificial intelligence.

The opinions put forward four basic principles of “enterprise-led, innovation-led, open and integrated, and collaborative governance”, and proposed that “scenario innovation has become a new path for artificial intelligence technology upgrade and industrial growth, and scenario innovation results continue to emerge, promoting the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence to a higher level. “The main development goals of “high-end and efficient intelligent economy cultivation, safe and convenient intelligent society construction, high-level scientific research activities, major national activities and major projects” will create major scenarios.

The opinions put forward the main paths to improve the innovation ability of artificial intelligence scenarios, including: “strengthening the main role of enterprise scenario innovation, encouraging colleges and universities to participate in scenario innovation, cultivating and expanding professional institutions for scenario innovation, and building artificial intelligence scenario innovation highlands”, etc., will encourage normalization Publish the list of AI scenarios, support the holding of high-level AI scenario activities, expand the AI ​​scenario innovation cooperation and docking channels, promote the opening of scenario computing facilities, gather AI scenario data resources, carry out multi-channel scenario innovation talent training, and strengthen scenario innovation markets resource supply.

Published on 08/27/2022