Stand Robot helps Dongfeng Lear build an “intelligent benchmark factory”, enabling the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry

2021 is the first year of the rise of new energy vehicles. The global smart car market maintains rapid growth, and “intelligence” has become the most important development idea in the industry. At present, the automotive industry is no longer in a state of clear boundaries, and it is an irreversible and inevitable trend for car seats to become intelligent and lightweight.

As a top domestic car seat manufacturer, Dongfeng Lear has in-depth cooperation with major domestic mainstream car brands, and its sales scale ranks at the forefront of the industry.closeOver the years, Dongfeng Lear has been committed to building an intelligent car seat factory.Since 2019, Dongfeng Lear and StandRobotPartnering with Stander Robotics Industrial SoftsexLogistics solutions, focusing on building intelligent manufacturing plants, has now become a successful model of domestic automotive seat intelligent manufacturing enterprises.

closeOn the day, Wang Yongkun, CEO of Stand Robotics, led a team to Wuhan Dongfeng Lear Yunhe Car Seat Co., Ltd. to carry out a return visit to key customers. Han Ying, general manager of Wuhan Dongfeng Lear Yunhe, etc.leadBe warmly received.

Han Ying, general manager of Wuhan Dongfeng Lear Yunhe, said that over the past few years, Dongfeng Lear has invested a lot of energy and cost in the comprehensive construction of smart factories.applicationIntelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent key testing equipment, build digital workshop information managementflatTaiwan, has achieved “seat equipment intelligence” and “seat production process intelligence”.

Cooperation with STANDER Robotics so far,Wuhan Dongfeng Lear Yunhe Factory has been deployed successivelycloseHundreds of AMR handling robots.On the one hand, plan the layout of factory logistics routes more reasonably, effectively relieve the inventory pressure of auto parts materials in the factory area, and speed up the flow rate of goods;sexThe intelligent logistics solution can improve the production efficiency of products and greatly reduce the production and management costs of enterprises.

Wang Yongkun, CEO of Stand Robotics, said, “The cooperation with Dongfeng Lear, the industry leader, is an extremely valuable opportunity.ofThe opportunity allows us to have in-depth contact with the actual transformation needs of auto parts enterprises, and strengthen our own technical reserves through the implementation of projects, respond to the needs of customers in the auto parts industry with more accurate, efficient and safer solutions, and empower auto parts enterprises to upgrade intelligently . “

Intelligent manufacturing is the development theme of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and for a long period of time in the future. As leaders in their respective fields, Dongfeng Lear and Stand Robot will continue to promote the automation and intelligent construction of automobile production lines, and accelerate the realization of industrial transformation and upgrading.In the future, the two parties will explore more cooperation scenarios, build smart factories in an all-round way, and jointly help the Chinese auto industry to accelerate the pace of high-quality development, so that automobiles can drive the great renaissance.centurydream!

Published on 09/07/2022