Status and future of agricultural robots

The good news is that farmers are ready for the new technology. Just take a look at the equipment of farmers today to know that high technology has entered their lives.Little known fact: farmers have becomeRobotOne of the most important users of technology.

The Dutch company Lely has 20,000 milking robots worldwide. Lely AstroThe naut A4 milking Robot allows cows to control the milking time autonomously, eliminating the need for farmers to force cows to milk. The Robot connects incoming cows to the milking cups, reconnects them if they are not in a good position, and then disconnects them at the end of the milking. In addition to this, the robots also collect data on the cows, which can help farmers monitor the herd so that they can take action when problems arise and increase yields.
The company also makes autonomous robots and autonomous feeding robots that can clean cowsheds.
The farm of the future will have all kinds of robots gathered HannoverindustryThe MARS program on Display at the expo, the Mobile Agricultural Robot Cluster Program, showcases cloud-based agricultural robot applications. By using many simpler and smaller robots, designers hope to make their farm solutions safer, more reliable, and more productive, and avoid the soil compaction problems associated with larger robots moving through fields. The swarms of robots can also work continuously, and these little robots take turns charging or maintaining.
Status and future of agricultural robots
Schematic diagram of the MARS plan
To meet the growing demand and sustainability of food production, now is a great time to introduce robots to the farm. Before being integrated into a “digital farm” that allows farmers to operate their farms efficiently and satisfactorily,automationindependent tasks are becoming a reality step by step. But still a long way to go. Eldertvan Henten believes that robots need to be “fast, precise, 100% successful and cost-effective” before they can enter the farm. But he also added: “Humans working with robots is the current trend. One or several robots do (part of) work under human supervision, or humans and robots do tasks side-by-side. This may improve the ability of robots to complete challenges. acceptance and flexibility in agricultural tasks.”

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Published on 09/18/2022