Surgical robots are opening up the medical market

In recent years, withsensorthe advancement of control and transmission technology has madeRobotThe functions of the product are becoming more and more powerful, and its application scenarios have been greatly expanded.medicalfield is an important direction of Robot application, and hospitals are usingRobot technologyAssist in the treatment of patients and perform various operations such as surgery. In some respects, machines have advantages over humans. Based on high-precision surgery based on data and image analysis, robots can perform tasks that cannot be solved by human surgery.

Previously, medical technology giant Medtronic spent 1.7 billion to acquire Mazor Robotics, an Israeli surgical robotics company focused on developing a robot-assisted surgical platform, including a robotic guidance system for spine surgery, which uses navigation, 3D imaging, robotics and surgical tools to help Doctors complete orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery.

Recently, Medtronic announced the latest advancements in its robotic surgery platform, with the first products, the MazorX Stealth Edition, being put into use at hospital centers in Virginia and Kentucky, respectively, to provide patients with spinal surgery. This is another surgical robot entering the medical market after the Da Vinci robot.

Surgical robots are opening up the medical market

Using the Mazor robotic surgery platform, physicians can analyze and predict the reliability of the workflow, as the platform provides a digital surgical simulation that enables a three-dimensional assessment of spinal anatomy, combined with robotic-guided technology to make the entire surgical procedure more accurate. MazorX Stealth Edition is a revolutionary new technology that makes full use of computer and software technology to perform accurate surgical tasks through a robotic arm, while feeding all information back to the computer to achieve a transparent surgical process.

Surgical robots are opening up the medical market

As more and moremedical robotAppearance, the hospital’s treatment level will be greatly improved. At present, the MazorX Stealth Edition platform has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and can be used in major medical and therapeutic institutions. With the vigorous promotion of Medtronic, this robotic surgery platform is expected to take the lead in occupying the market.

Medtronic is working with multiple agencies to overcomeMedical industryThe biggest challenge, as a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, the company has now formed a series of medical businesses, including the provision of implants, biologics and surgical technology support, that is, through a robotic surgery platform to change the way of spine care. future.

At present, in addition to Medtronic, the giants in the medical equipment industry include General Medical, Philips Medical, Siemens Healthineers, Baxter and other companies, and a number of powerful companies have emerged in China, such as Mindray Medical, Xinhua Medical, and Wandong Medical. Medtronic entered the field of medical robots earlier than other medical technology companies, and quickly entered the medical market through acquisitions. For other companies, it may face greater challenges.

From the Da Vinci robot to the MazorX Stealth Edition robotic surgery platform, the promotion of robots in the medical industry has been further expanded. For difficult operations, or some work that is not suitable for human beings, robots will be handed over to complete, in addition to improving medical technology The level can also address the doctor’s hands.As robots are trialled and approved in the medical industry, the market will gradually open up and will provideRobot Enterprisebring huge opportunities.

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Published on 09/24/2022