Taiwan’s robot football kicks the world championship

Taiwan’s robot football kicks the world championship
Taiwan participates in “2016 RoboCup World Cup” footballRobotproject, defeated 15 top teams from around the world, and won the lightweight group championship. (Provided by North City Councilor Wang Xinyi)

As the “2016 RoboCup World Cup” held in Leipzig, Germany in full swing, good news came out, Taiwan team members Liang Junwei, Zhou Chengqian B Lin Yuchen and Xiao Yucheng, led by the 19-year-old coach Su Jiwei, participated in the football Robot project lightweight group competition, and won 7 consecutive victories. Zizi defeated 15 top teams from around the world and won the championship.

The 20th Robot World Cup began on June 29 in Leipzig, Germany. Some of the competitions were still in progress yesterday. The reporter contacted Taipei City Councilor Wang Xinyi, who went to Germany to cheer on her child and team member Liang Junwei; she said that she was very excited. , I was moved to tears. The Taiwan team is a constant victor in robotics competitions, but this year’s opponents from various countries should not be underestimated, and their strength is much stronger than imagined.

Liang Junwei said that the on-the-spot reaction during the game is very important. In addition to constantly studying the materials used by the Robot before the game, it is not easy to be damaged when playing football. If it is unfortunately damaged, it must be repaired as quickly as possible. machine.

Liang Junwei said that the key to winning the gold medal lies in “programming”. Robots play football not only defensively, but also attacking and kicking the ball into the goal; if the robot runs out of bounds, it will be restricted by the referee from entering the field for a period of time. The program should be designed to allow the robot to sense the edge, adjust speed and positioning.

Wang Xinyi, who accompanied the audience throughout the game, pointed out that there were many situations during the game, and some national players would even shout or deliberately complain to the referee in an attempt to affect the opponent’s mood; however, the Taiwanese team was still the strongest, and the football robot lightweight group finally defeated the runner-up. The 2nd mainland team and the 3rd Japanese team won the championship.

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Published on 09/19/2022