Taking the robot industry as the forerunner, Zhejiang Yuyao vigorously promotes the intelligent economy

The reporter learned from Shandong University on July 6 that scientists at this university have developed a family intelligent escort called “Dazhi”.Robot, with sight, hearing and smell, and can switch freely between roles such as home guard, nanny, partner, etc. “Dazhi” can also automatically patrol at home at a fixed time, at a fixed point, and at a fixed person, and will actively call the police if abnormal water, electricity, gas and other conditions are found.Zhou Fengyu, director of Shandong University’s Yunji Intelligent Robot Laboratory, said: “Once the elderly falls, faints, etc., (this) Robot will immediately sense and report to the family members.cell phoneSend photos or videos so family members can take first aid depending on the situation. “

Taking the robot industry as the forerunner, Zhejiang Yuyao vigorously promotes the intelligent economy The first batch of “Dazhi” intelligent escort robots will be put into production soon, and the main target group is empty nesters. The retail price of the first batch of consumer-oriented “Dazhi” will be controlled within 10,000 yuan.

Zhou Fengyu said: “This intelligent Robot adopts the current industry-leading technology, and successfully combines cloud computing, positioning and navigation, face recognition, human-computer interaction and other technologies into one.”

How to convert research results into mature products has been a problem that has plagued Zhou Fengyu before. With the independent research and development of core technologies, this problem has also been solved. “In the entire robot configuration, positioning sensors, dual DCmotorWe have completely independent intellectual property rights for drivers and power management modules, which can not only greatly improve system performance, but also greatly reduce costs. “

Zhou Fengyu said that with the application of new biological materials and the development of big data and cloud computing, the future home intelligent escort robot will be able to communicate more naturally with humans and be more intelligent in vision and navigation.

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Published on 10/09/2022