Tesla CEO even has a side business: preventing artificial intelligence from threatening humans

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: The media first reported Elon Musk’s new company NeuralInk has been around for nearly a month. It is unimaginable that this Silicon Valley Iron Man has time to study brain-computer interaction technology while serving as the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. looks NeuralInk’s ultimate goal, Elon Musk’s lofty ambitions are best reflected in the three companies. A comment will be NeuralThe ultra-high-bandwidth brain-computer interface technology developed by ink is described as a magic hat worn on the head. This hat will bring unimaginable evolution to human beings.

Tesla CEO even has a side business: preventing artificial intelligence from threatening humans

Musk has confirmed that he will be the NeuralInk’s CEO position, that is, Elon Musk is about to serve as the CEO of three companies at the same time. And obviously, Neuralink is one of the most sci-fi companies, from NeuralFrom ink’s point of view, what Musk’s space exploration technology company SpaceX does is to make humans colonists between galaxies.

In short, Musk hopes to establish a new way of communication that can achieve the same effect as when humans communicate with language. It turns out that language can convey human thoughts efficiently and in real time, NeuralInk wants to make communication more efficient.

In the process of people using language to communicate, it is inevitable that there are parts that cannot be fully expressed clearly, and the listeners will inevitably have parts that cannot be fully understood. Therefore, language communication will always lead to the lack of some information. In Musk’s vision, there is no “incomplete” communication between people.

NeuralAnother goal of ink is to help humans keep pace with the evolution of artificial intelligence. To achieve this goal, the integration of artificial intelligence and human consciousness is required. NeuralInk will make artificial intelligence an additional ability of human beings, just like human self-perception ability, or some more advanced thinking ability.

To make this kind of high-bandwidth brain-computer interaction possible, it is necessary to integrate artificial intelligence cloud computing into human self-awareness, and it will be difficult for humans to distinguish between brain-computer interaction and core self. Musk believes that this “indistinguishable” state is just as difficult for most people to distinguish their emotional state, their verbal expression, from the part of the brain that creates that state and language.

Of course NeuralThese plans of ink are still a long way from commercial application, and may be more difficult to realize than SpaceX’s Mars travel plan. Musk believes that a non-disabled person needs to use NeuralThe technology of ink will take at least 8 to 10 years. NeuralInk intends to focus first on the development of medical technologies, which often require human experiments, which may have implications for NeuralInk’s big goals in the future will certainly help.

Musk becoming the CEO of three companies at the same time will definitely cause the company’s investors to not understand, but NeuralInk’s goals are actually the same as those of the other two companies. All three companies are committed to solving the problem of human life and death, NeuralThe main task of ink is to prevent artificial intelligence from threatening human beings.

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Published on 09/09/2022