The annual salary of the newly graduated AI doctor is nearly one million

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: On March 22, Wu Enda left Baidu. A day later, Tencent announced that it had appointed Zhang Tong as the director of Tencent AI Lab (Tencent Artificial Intelligence Lab). Interestingly, Zhang Tong previously worked at Baidu.

The BAT circle has always been full of people, and now the wave of people grabbing people because of artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be more violent than before.

The gold owners in the investment world are extremely anxious, lest they miss this unprecedented hurricane-level “window”. The core of artificial intelligence is talent.

A thrilling battle for people is being staged, and it is difficult to find AI talents with an annual salary of millions.

Is this a feast or an illusion?

Company: Grab AI talents, startups are more fierce than BAT

“It’s really crazy.” Qi Wei, the founder of Jimu Technology, has personally felt the smoke of gunpowder for more than half a year. “I learned that a doctor of artificial intelligence who has just graduated from a famous domestic school has been competed by several companies. The annual salary is from Four or five million were raised to eight or nine million.”

As the former vice president of Lenovo Group and co-founder of EHang Technology, Qi Wei founded the main attack wheel in July last year.industrykindRobotJimu Technology has set up two offices in Hangzhou and Silicon Valley. After a top 500 executive and two startups, he started from scratch again. Qi Wei described himself as he is now: “The founder’s three missions are: finding people, finding money, and finding direction. The most difficult and critical thing is to find people. Whether I am in Hangzhou or Silicon Valley, almost half of my time is spent with Come and find people.” And finding AI talents is even more difficult.

The annual salary of the newly graduated AI doctor is nearly one million

Qi Wei, who grew up in Beijing since he was a child, has been in Binjiang Haichuang Base for more than half a year, but he is so busy that he has no time to get close to Hangzhou, and he does not even know where the Wulin Square is. But by the West Lake of the car dealership, he pointed to the cafes along the road and said to a reporter from Qianbao, “When there was no office, I asked candidates to meet at these cafes, and I also had the purpose of attracting people with the beautiful scenery of the West Lake. Candidates from out of town.”

During his career, he has interviewed more than 1,000 people. This made his mind surprisingly calm. “Back then, when I liked a candidate, I would look at the hut and give up if I couldn’t get it, but I finally found out that the melon that is strong is not necessarily sweet, and some people will have problems even if they come reluctantly. Therefore, the most important thing to realize is to pay attention to fate. and appropriate.”

However, in the eyes of most startup CEOs who are urged to run by their investors, it is their life and death battle to grab talent. A senior HR working in BAT told Qian Bao reporter that they have repeatedly lost to startups in the competition for AI algorithm engineers, AI system architects and other talents. “When they grab people, they seem to be holding cards at the auction. Obviously, the psychological price is 200,000 to 300,000 yuan per year. In the end, they will pay for several times higher. It’s a listed company with a salary system, so it can’t be an exception and can only sigh.”

Talent: Salary soars, feeling like I’m flying

Ideal, salary, options, authority, household registration and even the air quality of the city where they are located have all become the factors that make the final choice of today’s hot AI talents. In addition to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the cities in China that can really attract AI talents are probably Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. “Only some well-known Internet companies in these cities can afford the price. The real AI talent circle is actually very small.” The CMO of a well-known Internet recruitment website told Qianbao reporters.

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Published on 09/18/2022