The development of industrial Internet enters the fast lane

industry experts believe that an industrial Internet platform should have 5 key characteristics:

First, realize the interconnection of all things. The Industrial Internet can change the fundamentals of intelligent manufacturing, connect tens of billions of machines around the world, and promote a qualitative leap in the real economy.

Second, realize the informatization and digitization of industry technologies and processes. Let traditional enterprises combine with Internet technology to realize “carp jumping over the dragon gate”.

Third, realize online operation. Humans, machines, and the Internet of Things feed back data in real time, and optimize operations through the super capabilities of the cloud to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Fourth, introduce new technologies. The platform automatically brings the latest technology into the operation of industrial enterprises.

Fifth, create new value. The industrial Internet platform should bring about an improvement in the efficiency of the whole life cycle and a change from selling machines to selling services.

What can the government do in the evolution of the Industrial Internet platform? Yu Xiaohui said that the important task of the government is to support small and medium-sized enterprises. In view of the shortage of funds and talents for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is recommended that the government invest in the construction of an industrial Internet industry technology development service center, entrust a third-party operation, as a non-independent legal person, and open it to small and medium-sized enterprises free of charge. The government provides subsidies for operating expenses by assessing the service capabilities of operators.

“The development of the Industrial Internet has just begun. This is a new cross-field and cross-industry ecosystem. It is necessary to prepare for a ‘protracted battle’ and continue to cultivate core technologies.” said Li Junqi, chairman of Foxconn Industrial Internet Company. Cultivate core talents, especially interdisciplinary and cross-industry compound talents, to support the future development of the entire Industrial Internet.

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Published on 09/20/2022