The Douyin web version is here, will you use your computer to swipe Douyin?

The Douyin web version is here, but there is no lady on the home page?

No, no, no, no one really wants to use a computer to brush Douyin, right?

The Douyin web version is here, will you use your computer to swipe Douyin?

There was a news this morning, the web version of Douyin came, I thought, don’t everyone use their mobile phones to swipe on Douyin? Does anyone really use a computer to watch short videos? No, no, no, no one really does that!

I was originally disdainful. After all, someone said that short videos are pig food. I can’t help but occasionally use my phone to swipe Douyin. Do I have to move it to my computer to watch it? Isn’t it, I don’t even have this self-control?

The Douyin web version is here, will you use your computer to swipe Douyin?

Oh, it’s good, you can scan the code to log in.

Looking at the homepage, it really doesn’t look like Douyin. Live broadcast, entertainment, knowledge, two-dimensional, games, food, sports, fashion, music, etc., which one is better? Or find a beautiful lady.

It doesn’t seem to be there, so I’ll just click into it and take a look. It doesn’t look like a cell phone.

It’s a horizontal video. It takes 7 minutes, which is a bit long. Let’s change it.

It’s still a horizontal version, and it takes 15 minutes longer.

I clicked on the homepage, and it was all horizontal, which made me ponder. Could this be the magic of the PC?

Take out the mobile phone, open Douyin, and slide the mobile phone to change a video, but it is different on the computer. You must put the mouse on the small button and press it to have the next video. Speaking of which, mobile phone operation is more fault-tolerant, and PC operation requires more attention. Therefore, computer operation is suitable for some relatively serious (or serious/formal) long videos, and mobile phones are suitable for sand sculpture short videos. So the homepage doesn’t put a lady on it.

As soon as the video ends, it immediately switches to the next video. This time, there is a vertical screen.

It supports pausing, dragging the progress bar, double-speed viewing, floating small window, volume adjustment, full-screen viewing, supporting like videos, viewing comments, sharing and other functions, but the comment function has not yet been opened, and only comments can be viewed. Thinking that mobile phones can’t play at double speed, give the PC version a thumbs up.

Bilibili’s videos are more like instant noodles. It’s just right to watch two or three videos while eating, and it doesn’t take up your hands, which is convenient and comfortable. If the Douyin web version doesn’t have mid-length videos like station B, why do you have to use a PC Looking at Douyin, it is recommended that Douyin better distinguish the content between the web version and the APP version. After all, the experience is different.

In fact, TikTok has supported the web version for watching videos a long time ago, but there are not many people using TikTok in China. Kuaishou has already launched the web version first on Douyin. It seems that PC traffic is still a piece of meat, and Douyin Kuaishou has to grab it.

Take a look at the homepage of the Kuaishou web version, My Follow, Short Video, Live Broadcast, Same City, Long Video, Small Theater, Movie, AcFun.

The Kuaishou web version has both horizontal and vertical videos. Comments are not supported on a single page. Douyin looks a bit like YouTube, while Kuaishou’s video classification framework and page layout are more like Station B. It really deserves to be the platform for the acquisition of my big A station, don’t forget the original intention, like it!

In terms of video uploads on Douyin, the size must not exceed 4G, the duration must be within 15 minutes, and the resolution must be 720p (1280×720) and above.

Why push the web version? The relevant person in charge of Douyin said that the launch of the web version is to meet the needs of good users in different scenarios. As video creation and expression become daily, content from different fields has been accumulated on Douyin. Many professors and schools also publish knowledge and teaching content on Douyin, which is often dominated by horizontal screens. The web version is more suitable for viewing and consuming such content.

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Published on 09/20/2022