The era of “robot house building” is approaching, Country Garden is practicing a new path of “carbon neutrality” for real estate enterprises

“Carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality” have become a global consensus. my country proposes to strive to achieve carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. To move towards the “dual carbon” goal, the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry is crucial. Therefore, many real estate companies have already joined the tide of “carbon emission reduction” one after another.

Since 2018, Country Garden has been taking “Competitive Improvement” as its development theme, pursuing high-quality development and building a high-tech enterprise. At the same time, Country Garden has proved with nearly three years of practice, “Robot. The era of “building a house” has gradually approached, and the development of intelligent buildings not only representsChinese architecture. The high-quality development direction of the real estate industry is also a feasible path to achieve “carbon neutrality” in the real estate industry.

Smart and intelligent smart site management

In July 2018, Country Garden Group registered and established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangdong BozhilinRobotCo., Ltd. (abbreviated as “Bozhilin”), Bozhilin is positioned as an industry-leading provider of intelligent construction solutions, focusing on the research and development, production and development of construction robots, BIM digitalization, new building industrialization and other products.applicationto create and practice a new way of building construction organization.

In the second half of 2021, Country Garden will actively promote the pilot project of Robot house building and conduct a test of “dismantling a building”, hoping to make construction robots work like assembly line production through scientific arrangement of construction procedures, thereby greatly enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise. As of the end of November 2021, 18 construction robots have been put into commercial application, covering more than 280 projects in 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions; more than 600 units have been delivered, and the cumulative application construction area has exceeded 5.5 million square meters.

Through technological innovation and model innovation, Country Garden explores a new path for high-quality sustainable development in the industry, assists the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, realizes lean construction that takes into account factors such as efficiency, quality, safety, environmental protection, and cost, and explores “carbon neutrality” for real estate companies. new path.

Through high-quality and stable construction, as well as digital and intelligent smart site management, Bozhilin has improved operation efficiency, greatly reduced the rework rate of construction, reduced the waste of building materials, and reduced industrial pollution and carbon emissions.

For example, the mobile brick making truck for the reuse of construction waste can provide a one-stop solution for the reduction, recycling and harmlessness of construction waste, and directly convert construction waste into garden pavement bricks, grass-planting bricks, blind road bricks, various solid Recycled building materials such as concrete bricks can be sold immediately after production, turning waste into treasure, saving construction waste removal costs, brick building materials procurement costs, and reducing dust pollution and transportation emissions.

At present, Bozhilin is developing 46 construction robots, most of which are commonly used in cast-in-place concrete technology and prefabricated building construction. At present, 12 construction robots have been formed, including concrete construction, concrete finishing, brick laying and plastering, and interior wall decoration. product line.

It is reported that Country Garden’s residential products have undergone five iterations in total, specifically referring to: the first-generation multi-storey houses in the initial period from 1992 to 1999; the second-generation scenario houses and exquisite villas in the rapid expansion period from 2000 to 2009; the quality leap from 2010 to 2012 Three generations of diversified products in the period; four generations of standardized products in the quality improvement and product maturity period from 2012 to 2014; and Seiko quality and good house series in the quality sublimation period from the end of 2014 to the present.

Product capability and service capability are the key elements of Country Garden’s continuous efforts to focus on “one rate and five forces” in recent years and to continuously improve its comprehensive competitiveness throughout the entire cycle. Focusing on product capability is also a gene rooted in Country Garden’s life. Having been deeply involved in the real estate industry for 29 years, “product power” has always been the core keyword that is related to Country Garden’s status and reputation and achieves high-quality development. As Yang Guoqiang said, “We must return to our original aspiration, uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, and continuously improve product power.”

Published on 09/07/2022