The first domestic flexible OLED robot was successfully applied

On November 26, 2019, China’s first flexible OLED Robot independently developed by SIASUN was successfully applied in a well-known domestic company. This is the first time that a domestic Robot has entered a high-end flexible screen production line, breaking through foreign technical barriers and realizing the localization of key components in handling flexible OLEDs.

The first domestic flexible OLED robot was successfully applied
The first OLED Robot in China

Solve industry pain points and break through technical barriers

The world is stepping up the deployment of “next-generation screen technology”, and the localization of OLED production processes has always restricted China’s development in this field. Before this, the domestic flexible OLED production lines were all foreign production equipment, and the SIASUN flexible OLED robot-SCARA manipulator broke the predicament. Faced with new technical requirements, the technical team of SIASUN repeatedly demonstrated and tested, and carried out a number of innovations in product technology, structure, appearance design and material.

Homemade “brains” make robots more flexible

Just like the human brain, an efficient and intelligent control system is the premise and guarantee for robots to cope with various complex operations. SIASUN has carried out in-depth development of the SCARA manipulator control system, and endowed the robot with a new domestic “brain” through sensor scanning and software algorithms. The newly developed “brain” has the functions of Alignment automatic deviation correction, double pick and place, data reporting, etc. It can identify and analyze the complex and diverse positions of the device, adjust the movement in real time and compensate the rotation angle. The robot “hand-eye” coordination, the movement is more Flexible and accurate.

Strengthen the body and make the robot more stable

With a strong “brain” as a guarantee, the robot also needs to “harden its internal skills”. During the production process, the robot needs to safely and accurately “escort” the thin OLED device to and from the equipment. SIASUN breaks through the design of the main body, optimizes the mechanical structure, adjusts the motor parameters, innovatively adopts high-speed vibration suppression technology, adopts the time optimal planning algorithm and dynamic constraints to ensure the production tact, while effectively reducing the vibration amplitude of the manipulator, and always ensuring that the manipulator is in operation. The maximum amplitude of up and down, left and right is ≤±3mm, and the overall performance has reached the international level.

Make the robot lighter

A series of innovative measures by the SIASUN technical team make the robot more flexible and stable, so how to make this robot with a 3.5-meter-long arm light and gentle? The SIASUN technical team urged rigidity to be soft, and developed a special material for the SCARA manipulator. The flexible material carbon fiber (CFRP) is used, and the PAD (suction cup) is made of PEEK material, which makes the manipulator not only resistant to high temperature, friction, softness and durability during operation. Corrosion makes the robot not only moves “lightly”, but also sounds “lighter”.

Helping the OLED industry to build a manufacturing powerhouse

SIASUN SCARA manipulator has won market recognition with its high-performance control system, scientific machine body design, accurate repetitive positioning, and convenient maintenance methods. It once again represents domestic robots and foreign high-level robots competing in the same field.

A revolution in Display technology is taking place. In the industry wave of migration to OLED, SIASUN actively participates in the construction of the global OLED industry ecology, becomes a strong cornerstone of Chinese display enterprises, and accelerates the rise of China’s OLED industry.

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Published on 09/20/2022