The first robot reporter interview is just a small step in the era of intelligence – an interview with “the father of Jiajia” Chen Xiaoping

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: “We have never done a dialogue with global artificial intelligence experts and technology media giants!” Talking about China’s artificial intelligence on the 24thRobotAs Jiajia’s Global Connection as a special correspondent of Xinhua News Agency, Chen Xiaoping, director of the Robotics Laboratory of the University of Science and Technology of China, said, “A lot of unpredictability during the dialogue is also a challenge for us!”

The first robot reporter interview is just a small step in the era of intelligence – an interview with “the father of Jiajia” Chen Xiaoping

Chen Xiaoping, known as the “Father of Jiajia”, participated in the development and continuous improvement of Jiajia. “The current Jiajia is the third generation, and 3.5 generations will be released in the future. In the future, the fourth and fifth generation Jiajia will be even better. The first interview with a Robot reporter is only a small step in the era of intelligence.” Chen Xiaoping Say.

Compared with the first and second generation, Jiajia now has a more distinctive improvement in expression. Chen Xiaoping said that the first and second generations have computer interaction functions, but more than 1,000 experiments show that people’s attention to her can only be maintained for a short time, because she is expressionless when talking to people. The third generation of Jiajia not only has expressions, but also can observe her words. The interaction effect is very good now. People feel a lot closer and are willing to stay in front of her for a longer time.

Although Jiajia’s software system has also improved a lot, there is still a lot of unpredictability in conducting English conversations with people. Chen Xiaoping said that in addition to some prepared questions, she is more self-reactive, and sometimes the guests’ answers can trigger her questioning mechanism. In order to confirm the guests’ questions, she will also ask the guests’ questions in return. few sentences. As for the questions raised by the guests, she responded randomly and often gave surprising answers, highlighting the anthropomorphic intelligent Robot with facial expressions and the ability to answer, which can move people even more.

“Of course, the unpredictability during these conversations is also a technical challenge for us. In the future, we need to constantly update her knowledge base, optimize her logical analysis of the background of the guests and her speech recognition ability, and strive for more exciting conversations.” Chen Xiaoping Say.

In addition to being a reporter, robots can do more and more things in the future. In this regard, Chen Xiaoping believes that we should have an open attitude, “First of all, don’t worry too much, this global connection of robot reporters cannot make robots completely autonomous. Autonomous dialogue is a type with extremely high technical requirements. Jiajia and people are looking forward to the ideal. The state is still a distance, and of course it represents a direction.”

In addition, artificial intelligence and robots in the future will be universal and permeable, and will bring a lot of convenience. According to Chen Xiaoping, the “Kejia” series of robots they developed is for home services. If they are put on the market, all household chores can be handed over to robots in the future, which will change lives. In general, artificial intelligence will bring great changes to life and production in the future.

In fact, in the history of human development, manual labor has been continuously handed over to machines, and this direction has not changed. Chen Xiaoping said that more and more tasks will be handed over to machines in the future. “Of course, machines have robbed a lot of jobs, so when you see the good side, you should also pay attention to the existing problems,” Chen Xiaoping believes that humans should consider themselves, “After the machine partially replaces the labor, what should we do, now we should pay attention to it, There is no ready answer to this.”

Chen Xiaoping pointed out that in the past, research on robots was all about researching technology, and realizing intentions through rational thinking was all research with brains. , It is also a new experience for us. This is why she is called a unique experience interactive robot – she can indeed give some people a unique feeling: you know she is a robot, but you think she is very human.”

“That’s why some people feel a brief trance when they get along with Jiajia, wondering if this is a human or a machine,” Chen Xiaoping said. “This feeling is very good and wonderful. Human beings should go in different directions and transcend some traditional boundaries, And Jiajia represents a direction. Jiajia’s progress in global connectivity is a small step forward for robots in this intelligent era.”

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Published on 09/15/2022