The global industrial robot brands you know

According to the complexity and application area,Robotdivided intomechanicalhand,industryRobotand three branches of service robots.

Among them, manipulators and industrial robots are both used in the industrial field and can be collectively referred to as industrial robots, but the former is relatively simple and less intelligent, while the latter is more complex and more intelligent! Service robots are robots used in non-industrial fields to provide services to humans.

In 2015, the global industrial Robot was 12.3 billion US dollars, and the service robot market size was 8.5 billion US dollars.

Industrial Robot Markets and Applications

In 2015, the sales volume of China’s industrial robot market exceeded 66,000 units, continuing to maintain its position as the world’s largest industrial robot market. In addition, China ranks first in the global industrial robot population with 332,300 units, and Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, France and the United Kingdom are among the top ten countries and regions.

However, in terms of robot density, that is, the number of robots per 10,000 employees is less than 30 in my country, far below the global average of about 66.

At this stage, manufacturers in the automotive industry are still the largest users of industrial robots, followed by the electrical/electronics industry.

The world’s top 30 industrial robot manufacturers

No. Company Name Country 2013 Revenue

(One million U.S. dollars)

1 Fanuc Japan 1510


2 YASKAWA Electric Japan 1130


3 Kawasaki Heavy Industries Japan 1130


4ABB Group Switzerland 1030


5 Stäubli Switzerland 1010


6 KUKA Germany 942


7 Eurodish Japan 332


8 Comau Italia 290


9 Yamaha Robot America 270


10 Leiss Robotics Germany 179


11 Hyundai Wia Korea 159


12 Fujikoshi Japan 154


13 Seiko Epson Japan 136


14 Yuxin Precision Equipment Japan 127


15 Ropso robot Korea 85


16 Denso Japan 83


17 Shenyang SIASUN Robot China 66


18 Edpu Technologies USA 47


19 Hechun Technology Taiwan 46


20 Joyson Electronics China 38


21 Eft Smart Equipment China 37


22 Harbin Boshi Automation China 37


23 Peitian Group China 32


24 Inovance Technology China 29


25 Shandong Luneng Smart China 19


26 Shenyang Lanying Industrial Automation Equipment China 14



27 Xinshida China 13


28 Nanjing Estun Automation China 12


29 Shenzhen Zhongwei Xing China 12


30 Soft Control China 10


Introduction of major industrial robot manufacturers in Europe and America

Europe is the leader in the global industrial robot market, and has achieved complete autonomy of core components such as sensors, controllers, and precision reducers. Europe has taken a leading position in the field of industrial robots and medical robots.

The characteristics of the European model are: a package of turnkey projects, that is, the production of robots and the design and manufacture of systems required by users, all completed by the robot manufacturers themselves.

1. ABB Group ABB Group

ABB Switzerland has been committed to the research and development and production of robots for more than 30 years and has experience in the installation of more than 160,000 sets of robots around the world. Technology and services, as well as the largest installed capacity of robots, is the oldest member of the four major robot families in the world.

2. Stauli

The Swiss Stäubli Group is a textile machinery, industrialConnectorIt is a professional supplier of mechatronics in the three major fields of industrial robots. As early as 1982, Stäubli has established an industrial robot department, which distributes PUMA robots from the United States UNIMATION company, and is now one of the world’s leading industrial robots.

3. Kuka

Founded in 1995, Germany’s KUKA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial robots and was recently acquired by Midea. KUKA Robotics has more than 20 subsidiaries worldwide, mostly sales and service centers, including: the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India and most European countries. He is the youngest member of the four major robot families in the world.

4. Comau

As early as 1978, Comau, Italy, took the lead in developing and manufacturing the first robot, named POLARHYDRAULIC robot.In the following decades, Comau has become a robot with its continuous innovation technology.automationThe leader in integrated solutions. Comau provides industrial automation systems and comprehensive maintenance services for many industries, from product development to the realization of industrial process automation systems. Its business scope mainly includes: body welding, powertrain, engineering design, robotics and maintenance services.

5. ReisRobotics

German Leis Robot Group is a multinational technology company integrating robotics technology and system automation, and an industry leader in robotics and system integration. Since its establishment in 1957, Leis Group has accumulated rich successful experience after years of design and practice of turnkey system solutions. In the main automation application fields, we provide a complete set of robotic automated production systems (including: welding robots, casting robots, handling robots, laser robots, etc.), standard peripheral modules and complete technical services.

The United States is the birthplace of robots, and the world’s first industrial robot was developed as early as 1962. Compared with other countries, the technology of American robots is more comprehensive, advanced and adaptable. Specifically reflected in: the robot has reliable performance, comprehensive functions and high accuracy; the research on robot language is developing rapidly, with many language types and wide applications, and its level ranks first in the world.

1. Adept Technology

Aidepu Technology is a high-tech production enterprise specializing in industrial automation, and a global leader and service provider of intelligent vision robot systems. The unmatched price/performance ratio of Adept systems throughout the entire product cycle enables users to easily assemble, handle and package with high precision, quality and efficiency. Adept’s intelligent automation product line includes industrial robots, configurable linear modules, mechanical controls for robots and other flexibleautomation equipmentmachine vision, systems and application software.

2. American Robot

AmericanRobot is a producer of industrial robot controllers, industrial robots and automation systems. The company’s positioning in the industrial robot market is to provide practical military and aerospace solutions. Now ARC is still focusing on the innovation of robot control, calibration, and manipulator technology, and continues to expand its product line. The company’s product line mainly includes three aspects , Universal Robot Controller, Merlin 6-axis multi-joint robot and Gantry3000 modular robot.

3. Baxter International

Baxter is a globally diversified medical supplies company focused on chronic disease and critical care. Baxter International has launched a RethinkRobotics it calls “common sense.” According to the company, this robot is not only half the cost of other current industrial robots, but it does not require specialized robotics experts or cumbersome client programs to complete production tasks.

4. ST Robots ST Robotics

STRobotics is an industrial robot company in the United States, providing professional but affordable robots that are easy to use and easy to carry in boxes.

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Published on 10/09/2022