The global market share of medical robots is expected to reach 20 billion US dollars in 2021

The global market share of medical robots is expected to reach 20 billion US dollars in 2021
Wang Tianmiao, Dean of Zhiyou Angel Academy and Technical Consultant of Yarui Capital

Facing the intractable diseases of human beings, the doctor manipulates the robot to extend its arm into the patient’s body, and complete difficult actions such as tumor resection with a few simple actions… This is not a detail in a sci-fi movie, but a real scene that occurs in hospitals around the world. .

What progress has been made in medical robotics? On September 6, at the 9th China Medical Device Summit Forum held in Suzhou Industrial Park, Wang Tianmiao, Dean of Zhiyou Angel College and a technology consultant of Yarui Capital, delivered a speech on the theme of “Progress in Medical Robots“.

As a veteran of the robotics industry, Wang Tianmiao said in his speech: “I am very honored to have met many medical experts in the past 20 years, and introduced me from a scholar with a complete engineering background to the field of medicine and engineering.”

Wang Tianmiao summarized some outstanding research results made in the past 20 years into “two robots”: one is the Tianzhihang orthopedic Robot, which has an accuracy of 0.8 mm, reduces intraoperative radiation by more than 70%, and improves surgical efficiency by more than 20%. Reduce blood loss and intraoperative tissue trauma. At present, more than 30 hospitals have used it, and the cumulative operation has exceeded 4,700 cases.

The other is the Remebot neurosurgery robot, which is the first to be successfully used in clinical practice in China, the first to achieve remote surgery in China, and the first Robotic surgery project to enter medical insurance in China. It has been applied in 10 hospitals and completed. Thousands of clinical cases. There are also applications in artificial intelligence medical butlers, including sleep, diabetes, and sensor mattresses.

“Is medical robotics an academic direction or a rigid demand direction of society? There is still debate.” Wang Tianmiao said that by consulting a large number of documents and information re

Published on 11/25/2022