The homogenizer has a problem again?Gechuang Dongzhi launches equipment health management solution for lithium battery industry

“The lithium battery industry is in the stage of capacity expansion. How to shorten the ramp-up period of production capacity through digital means, ensure product quality, and reduce the cost of manufacturing batteries per watt-hour is the core challenge of the current industry’s digitalization”, Gechuang Dongzhi New Energy Dr. Li Nan, general manager of the business unit, said.

Regarding the current pain points in the lithium battery industry, Dr. Li Nan believes, “At the moment when the equipment competition starts, if the factory’s production capacity wants to ramp up quickly, it must first ensure the stable operation of the equipment, and on this basis, improve the consistency and yield of products. High efficiency, high Quality delivery will become an important core competitiveness of lithium battery companies.”

Lithium battery factories have a high degree of automation, fast production rhythms, and rapid capacity expansion. How to quickly and effectively activate production capacity, improve production line utilization, and achieve intelligent mass production is the key to seizing the market.

The manufacturing process of lithium batteries is very complex, and the slight differences in each process will accumulate to cause large performance differences in the finished product.

In the lithium battery manufacturing process, homogenization and mixing is one of the core processes of the pre-electrode manufacturing. The quality of the slurry will directly affect the subsequent process and is a key factor determining the consistency of the electrode. In addition to its quality depends on the homogenization process technology, the homogenization equipment is also the key.

A stable slurry mixer can start from the previous process to ensure the consistency of slurry, electrodes and even lithium batteries.

In recent years, the overall strength of the equipment has been iteratively upgraded, and under ideal operating conditions, it will have a better guarantee of slurry performance. However, under the melody of “guaranteeing production”, lithium battery companies lack effective attention to the health level of the equipment itself.

Based on the core pain points of the lithium battery industry, Gechuang Dongzhi launched an equipment health management solution for the lithium battery industry. Through the integration of software and hardware, real-time monitoring, dynamic perception, advanced warning, linkage disposal, intelligent maintenance and diagnosis of core equipment such as mixers and coating machines are achieved, and comprehensive intelligent health management is provided.

At the same time, a multi-source data fusion equipment fault diagnosis and prediction model is constructed to realize predictive maintenance of equipment, reduce the risk of equipment maintenance, avoid losses caused by sudden equipment shutdown, ensure the stability of equipment operation, and maximize the equipment side. Ensure the consistency of lithium batteries and effectively activate the production capacity of enterprises.

Taking Foshan Golden Galaxy Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Golden Galaxy”) as an example, Gechuang Dongzhi introduced the equipment health management plan into its lithium battery slurry automatic line, and conducted fusion processing and analysis of its multi-source data of the line body. The process knowledge of equipment experts forms effective monitoring of equipment mechanical failure and electrical failure predictive maintenance, promotes the structured precipitation of maintenance knowledge, and then provides its customers with remote value-added services such as efficient equipment maintenance, effectively ensuring the stability of customers’ on-site equipment.

So far, the business scope of Gechuang Dongzhi has covered the upstream and downstream industrial chains of lithium batteries, including lithium battery equipment, lithium battery materials, battery packs, and new energy vehicles, covering equipment, production, quality, energy, warehousing, etc. Provide empowerment services that are more in line with business needs for different types of enterprises.

Published on 10/16/2022