The leading company ABB makes another move, and the expansion of industrial robots never stops

ABBExpansion of the US factory

SwitzerlandIndustrial robotcorporate giantABBannounced today that due toIts customers in the automotive, packaging and machinery industries meet demand spurred by the Biden administration’s massive Industrial stimulus planmoved its production lines back to the United States, therebyFacing a tight labor market,The company will spend2,000million to expand its existing North American facility in Auburn Hills, MichiganrobotHeadquarters and Manufacturing Plant,therebyIncreased capacity at its Auburn Hills, Michigan facility.The project is expected to be2023Year11Completed in March, the expansion will create72new high-skilled jobs and get45Ten thousandDollars for performance-based grant support from the Michigan Business Development Program.This will be from2020Another major expansion project after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2019.since2010since years,ABBinvested in the United States140billion, the latest investment in its robotics headquarters and factories will benefit customers in the Americas, particularly electric vehicles,the medicalcustomers in growth sectors such as healthcare, packaging and logistics.according toABBrobotcompany6Surveys in the U.S. and Europe in March showed that as factories expanded capacity, it responded70%of U.S. businesses have a growing need for automation.

ABBis accelerating globally

this is no longerABBFor the first time a huge investment has been made in an important market.last year12moon,ABBInvesting in China, the world’s largest market for industrial Robots5100 million US dollars to build a giant factory to further enhance its leading position in the field of robotics and automation in China. Only three months have passed,ABBOnce again invested in the expansion of the factory in the United States, which ranks third in the Industrial Robot market.Our investment is accelerated ABB An important step forward for Robotics’ global leadership in developing and manufacturing cutting-edge Robotic solutions in the U.S. and the Americas,”ABB President, Robotics and Automation Sami Atiya explain. “After going throughcovidBusinesses are looking to be more resilient after the industry’s worst shocks, including coronavirus, semiconductor shortages and the war in Ukraine.As global labor shortages, uncertainty, the approaching and reshoring of production, and the desire to operate more sustainably accelerate, more businesses are turning to automation to build resilience while increasing efficiency and flexibility. Our expanded facility will help us better serve our customers in the United States and throughout the Americas with access to innovative automation solutions.

The impact of the development of industrial robots on China

2023The government work report also pointed out that2022annual GDP growth3%GDP target for the coming year5%. Looking at the world, there are very few countries that can maintain growth during the three years of the epidemic. The manufacturing stagnation caused by the epidemic has affected the development of the real industry in many countries, and some countries that rely on manufacturing have experienced substantial negative economic growth. But these negative factors did not have a fatal impact on China, which is the number one manufacturing industry. In addition to benefiting from the excellent epidemic prevention and control measures, a large number of industrial robots and other intelligent industries have also played a pivotal role.

according toInternational Federation of Robotics(IFR)research showsChina and Japan, the two largest robotics markets, will be8%around the rate of growth.ABBexpected2025In 2009, global Robot sales will increase from the current800million dollars grew to1300One hundred million U.S. dollars. China is the world’s largest robot market,already2021Annual robot installations in Chinaalreadyof total global installations51%the robot operation stock breakthrough100Wantai mark.

After three years of the impact of the new crown epidemic on the economy, the Chinese government has jointly issued relevant documents related to the promotion of manufacturing and smart industries, aiming to recover the manufacturing industry that has been severely affected by the epidemic in a shorter time, thereby driving consumption. promote economic growth. Industrial robots will once again play a role in fueling the physical manufacturing industry. In recent years, more and more overseas brand industrial robot giants are building factories for production. The industrial robots produced by Chinese factories will have a price advantage over overseas production and imported robots. At the same time, it will bring healthy competition to domestic brands and promote industrial robot innovation. develop. Manufacturing companies also benefit from it. They can purchase more advanced industrial robots at lower prices, increase factory production capacity, ensure product quality, and better contribute to industrial development.

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Published on 05/10/2023