The new ecology of “source, network, load and storage” empowers the green development of the steel industry

On August 24th, the 2nd China Steel Industry Chain New Equipment and New Technology Fair opened in Handan, Hebei. Hekang Xinneng, a subsidiary of Midea Industrial Technology, took the metallurgical industry as a blueprint, and demonstrated a series of solutions such as frequency conversion energy-saving transformation, power quality management, and smart micro-grid.

Under the background of “dual carbon”, for traditional high-energy-consumption steel enterprises, improving operation and production efficiency, integrating intelligent technology with existing production, increasing the proportion of green energy and optimizing the level of energy utilization are the keys to achieve green development. The essential.

In this regard, He Lin, deputy general manager of Beijing Hekang New Energy, said: “Hekang New Energy is committed to helping the steel industry reduce energy consumption, improve equipment reliability and stability, and help steel customers reduce carbon emissions by nearly 3 million tons; For energy-saving and environmental protection projects such as recycling, desulfurization and denitrification, Hekang Xinneng can help customers recover the waste heat and pressure generated by the production process, reducing carbon emissions by nearly 20%.”

China Iron and Steel Industry Chain Exhibition Hekang New Energy booth

Hekang Xinneng’s investment in the steel industry is not overnight, but has nearly 20 years of experience in frequency conversion drives in the steel industry, and has established cooperation with more than 600 metallurgical customers. In this exhibition, Hekang Xinneng focused on displaying a number of integrated solutions including high and low voltage inverters:

Frequency conversion energy saving renovation scheme

At present, there are more than 20,000 Hekang high-voltage inverters and 1.5 million low-voltage inverters operating in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, realizing refined process control, improving equipment stability and operating efficiency, and helping high-energy-consuming industries save energy and reduce consumption. , towards carbon neutrality.

  • HC4 high voltage inverter

The cabinet design of Hekang HC4 high-voltage inverter integrated cabinet has compact structure and higher energy density, which perfectly interprets small size and high performance. The product is equipped with a newly upgraded intelligent control system, which improves the user operation experience, software intelligence and functions.

  • HIC530 Universal Low Voltage Inverter

The series inverters have excellent performance, reliability and stability, and compact structure. Widely used in CNC machine tools, cables, hoisting, fans and pumps, petrochemicals, textiles, plastics, woodworking, ceramics, stone machinery and other industries.

Hekang Xinneng high-voltage inverter, general low-voltage inverter products

  Power Quality Management System

Hekang New Energy can provide full-cycle technical support from system power quality testing, on-site survey and design, technical solution formulation, and product manufacturing. Among them, HCS series SVG equipment can well solve the power quality problems such as reactive power, harmonics, three-phase unbalance, voltage fluctuation and flicker, and can effectively avoid the voltage fluctuation of the power grid caused by excessive reactive power impact, power factor The electricity bill fines and the impact on other equipment in the system caused by the reduction.

In addition, this product has a high degree of customization, and can provide cooling methods such as air cooling and water cooling according to user needs; and it has the technical advantages of strong integration and flexible layout, which can be well adapted to new energy wind power, photovoltaic, iron and steel metallurgy, Complex application scenarios such as petroleum and petrochemical, rail transit, and coal mines.

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Published on 09/20/2022