The number of DJI drones in China exceeds 500,000

OFweekRobotNet News Recently, a news of “DJI’s withdrawal from the Chinese market” has spread in many people’s WeChat Moments.

In this regard, DJI officially issued a statement saying that DJI has no plans to withdraw from the Chinese market, and this information is not true. For the recent topic of drone safety risks, DJI has been paying attention to it, and there are practical methods on how to shield and avoid such risks.

On the afternoon of May 23, DJI held a press briefing to explain the matter in detail. Shao Jianhuo, vice president of DJI Innovation, said: “DJI has never considered withdrawing from the Chinese market, not now, nor will there be in the future.” Regarding the real-name registration policy for drones recently introduced by the Civil Aviation Administration, he said, DJI does not oppose regulation. On the contrary, DJI has always actively supported scientific and effective regulation.

“Recent domestic sales have declined slightly”

“Recently, we have seen people on the Internet saying that DJI is considering giving up the Chinese market. DJI has publicly issued a statement last weekend to deny it.” Shao Jianhuo said at the press conference that DJI had never considered it. Exit the Chinese market, not now, nor will there be in the future.

Shao Jianhuo said that the success of DJI is inseparable from the good environment of the country’s reform and opening up. The success of DJI comes from the policy support of the state and Shenzhen government to encourage innovation and development, the favorable industrial environment of the Pearl River Delta and the large number of high-tech talents in China. Base.

A series of industry events, has DJI’s domestic sales declined recently? In this regard, the relevant person in charge of DJI responded that although DJI is a Chinese company, in fact, the Chinese market is not the first place for DJI. Until the beginning of 2015, DJI was not well-known in China. “As drones have gradually become a hot topic in the media, DJI’s domestic sales have steadily increased, and last year began to account for about 20% of our global sales. Recently, domestic sales have indeed declined slightly.”

“Always support scientific and effective supervision”

The Civil Aviation Administration of China recently announced that real-name registration of civilian drones will be implemented from June 1. The frequent occurrence of drone “black flying” threats to civil aviation safety is the background of the “big move” of the Civil Aviation Administration. The frequent occurrence of unmanned aerial vehicles at airports in Chengdu, Chongqing and other places interferes with flight operations and threatens aviation safety, bringing the drone industry to the forefront.

“DJI has never opposed regulation. On the contrary, DJI has always actively supported scientific and effective regulation. However, some places have introduced a “one-size-fits-all” expanded no-fly policy. Although this has the original intention of curbing the deterioration of the incident in the short term, its effectiveness and In the long run, it does not solve the problem.” Shao Jianhuo observed that the civilian drone industry seems to be the target of public criticism.

The drone industry has developed rapidly in recent years and has become a part of the production and life of many people. According to the statistics of DJI, the number of domestic DJI aircrafts has reached more than 500,000 last year, and the annual flight volume is more than 14 million. Shao Jianhuo said that DJI called for scientific management and the combination of dredging and blocking, on the one hand, guiding more than 99.9% of law-abiding users, and on the other hand, managing the 0.1% of non-cooperative goals more effectively.

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Published on 10/09/2022