The Robot Team of Chongqing No. 29 Middle School has achieved great results

Ant DreamWorks Helps Students “Grow Savagely”

——Chongqing No. 29 Middle SchoolRobotTeam wins
On the evening of June 5, a group of teenagers walked out of Jiangbei International Airport. They pushed their chariots and laughed and laughed all the way. They are the 1st team of Chongqing No. 29 Middle School (team number 1280), which has achieved good results in the FIRST China Open and the FIRST Science and Technology Challenge.
The FIRST Technology Challenge project consists of two parts, one is the competition part, and the other is the engineering note review part. The 1280 team won the China Open runner-up league captain team in the competition part, and won the highest award in the interview part – the first prize of the Science and Technology Enlightenment Award.
step by step never stop
The main members of the 1280 team are all from the 2017 grade of Chongqing No. 29 Middle School. In the Chongqing sub-station held in April, they refreshed the best results since the establishment of the team with the double awards of the runner-up alliance and the Rockwell Innovation Award. In June, the team broke its own record again, won the first prize of the Science and Technology Enlightenment Award and the runner-up league captain team, which will represent China in the Asia-Pacific playoffs held in Australia. All team members participating in the Asia Pacific Playoffs will receive an invitation to priority admission from the Macquarie University School of Engineering.
Participating twice, refreshed the team’s best results twice, which is the result of the unremitting efforts of all members of the 1280 team. They used to debug the robot day and night, and they didn’t even bother to eat. During the five-day competition cycle, they only slept for less than 20 hours. The hard work has finally paid off, and we are walking on the road of growth step by step.
Live up to the savage growth of spring
In the first edition of the engineering notes of the 1280 team, they wrote these eight words “live the spring, grow savagely”. Asked why, Zhang Shuipeng, the captain and a sophomore in high school, said: “We are bathed in the light of spring, and the school provides a good platform, so we revel wildly, live up to anyone’s expectations, and grow tenaciously.”
The author learned that the Ant DreamWorks in Chongqing No. 29 Middle School is one of the top maker platforms in Chongqing. The 1280 team, as the best group of makers in the Ant DreamWorks, is naturally under the attention of all levels. Grow on a good platform.
The team members wrote in the engineering notes: “We are teenagers, we will burn, we will fly in our youth, we will grow up in our steps, just like colorful colors blooming in the ocean, bit by bit, intertwined, we meet in Together, we will never regret it.”
“China Education News” June 11, 2016 3rd edition

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Published on 11/12/2022