The service robot industry has become a new growth point for market development

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Recently, Analysys International released a report showing that in 2016, China’s serviceRobotThe market size reached 7.29 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 44.6% in 2015, and the scale is expected to be close to 15.2 billion yuan in 2019. In 2016, there were as many as 70 domestic financing events in this field, and the total financing amount exceeded 1 billion US dollars (about 7 billion yuan). Service robots have become a new market investment hotspot. At present, service robots have been used in many industries such as housekeeping, medical care, logistics, agriculture, and finance.

my country’s service Robot industry as a whole is large but not strong. Product homogeneity is serious, and products with personalized services are scarce.

In particular, the cost of Robot core accessories is too high. According to the data of China Artificial Intelligence Robot Industry Alliance, 80%-90% of domestic robots use foreign reducers, and 60%-70% use foreign reducers.motor40%-50% use foreign controllers, and the cost of the three main components accounts for more than 80%.

Industry insiders pointed out that the development speed of application scenarios of service robots is too slow, and there is still a lot of room for growth. The reasons are: one is the lack of core technologies; the other is that the industry needs market enlightenment to increase product promotion efforts; the third is that it has not attracted large-scale participation of core technology developers and application scene developers.

Accelerating the development of scene applications is the fission accelerator of the service robot industry. At present, robots can perceive the world, make logical judgments, perform fast calculations, bionic motion, operation control, human-computer interaction, and even surpass humans, but the real value of robots lies in education and learning, computational accounting, customer service, environmental cleaning, surgical physical examination, and firefighting. Rescue, unmanned, military operations, aerospace. If there is no market enlightenment and vigorous promotion of marketing, the relevant demand industries will not be able to join the field of robotics, resulting in a lag in the development of the robotics market.

How to promote the healthy development of China’s robot industry? Liu Xuenan, founder of Cannyyoulan, proposed the “DNA Double Helix Ecological Growth Model” at the 2017 Service Robot Industry Ecology Conference held on March 25.

According to Liu Xuenan, this model emphasizes the two-pronged approach of technology research and development platform and industrial application platform, coordinated development and mutual promotion, and each platform will generate growth points that promote industrial development.

“The technology research and development platform is a platform for sharing high-end core technologies, investing funds, encouraging innovation, cultivating technology brands and talents, and connecting with professional service providers in various fields such as human body recognition, human-computer interaction, and sensors. In the process of technology research and development, every New technologies may expand new industrial applications. The industrial application platform focuses on solving the robot service needs of various industries. On the one hand, it needs to obtain the main needs of users, propose solutions, find problems in the application process, and upgrade and adjust at any time. In a single application field To form the optimal solution, at the same time, it can also propose new technical requirements and promote technological development.”

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Published on 09/04/2022