The “Sharp Tool” Behind the Three Smart Manufacturing Processes

“Digital transformation is a long-term and arduous task, and most companies need 3-5 years or more to achieve significant results.”

The digital and intelligent transformation of traditional enterprises is a long road.

Today, on the road of digital transformation of traditional industries, a new generation of information technologies including 5G, big data, edge computing and artificial intelligence has emerged. The emergence of new technologies can be said to have injected new energy into traditional industries.

5G has become the most important application scenario for the transformation of traditional enterprises; big data technology provides services such as data collection, analysis, and governance; under the condition of explosive data growth, edge computing makes up for the insufficiency of cloud computing and provides the ability to process and analyze data in real time …

If it is said that 5G, big data and other technologies make enterprises more and more digital, then AI is the best weapon for enterprises to transform intelligently.

The “Sharp Tool” Behind the Three Smart Manufacturing Processes

Source: “China Artificial Intelligence Software and Application Market Semi-Annual Research Report (2019H2)”

According to the “China Artificial Intelligence Software and Application Market Semi-Annual Research Report (2019H2)” report released by IDC, by 2024, China’s artificial intelligence market will reach US$12.75 billion, with a compound growth rate of 39.0% from 2018 to 2024.

This indicates that AI is not only the strongest driving force for new infrastructure, but will also become the next outlet for industrial digital and intelligent transformation.

So, how to better apply AI technology to industrial manufacturing is an urgent problem that needs to be solved at present.

Founded in 2003, Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Inovance Technology”) has rich experience in industrial automation control and drive technology. In the context of digital transformation, Inovance Technology has an in-depth understanding of the needs of various industries in intelligent upgrading, and is committed to providing intelligent and customized solutions for the current manufacturing industry.

At the same time, in this process, it has also received strong support from Intel in terms of technology and ecology, and the two have worked together to continuously deploy and make breakthroughs in industrial scenarios.

Li Desheng, managing director of Intel China’s strategic cooperation and innovation business department and head of Intel’s innovation accelerator, once said that the three elements of AI development are computing power, data, and algorithms. 5G can help AI better acquire data, process data, and transmit data, making AI more valuable. At the same time, 5G+AI can expand many new application fields. AI makes the network and edge smarter, 5G and edge make AI everywhere, and 5G and AI allow edge to unlock new opportunities.

It is enough to prove that Intel attaches great importance to AI technology. At the same time, Intel has also implemented many plans and practices in accelerating the implementation of intelligent applications, giving full play to the role of empowerment and integration, and uniting various customers and partners to promote the implementation of intelligent applications in all walks of life.

At present, Inovance Technology, as one of Intel’s important partners, has realized the empowerment of AI in many fields such as medical care, new energy vehicles, and equipment manufacturing, and it is still being extended improperly.

Then, how does Inovance Technology apply Intel’s technology to realize industrial empowerment? Let us understand the intelligent manufacturing experience of Inovance Technology through three short stories.

Hard and soft: smart light inspection machine is faster and more accurate

For China and the world, the new crown epidemic has always been a hot topic. In the context of the normalization of the global new crown epidemic, the research and development of new crown vaccines has become the focus of continuous attention of people around the world. It is predicted that the production of vaccines needs to meet the annual vaccination needs of 400 million to 500 million people, and the annual output needs to reach 800 million to 1 billion.

In this context, in order to maximize the production speed and quality of vaccines, Inovance Technology has developed a one-stop solution for intelligent light inspection machines.

The “Sharp Tool” Behind the Three Smart Manufacturing Processes

As we all know, the work flow of the light inspection machine is divided into six steps: bottle feeding, appearance inspection, bottle rotation, bottle rotation emergency stop, content detection and bottle classification. From the production, testing, classification, filling and other links of vaccines, the light inspection machine has been involved all the time, and it has undoubtedly become an important weapon to control the speed and quality of vaccine production.

In the view of Huichuan Technology, in order to adapt to the current situation of vaccine production, the light inspection machine must have a faster and more accurate detection speed, that is, to achieve rapid response and high coordination between the motion control system and the vision system of the light inspection machine, which means that from the rotating bottle The entire process, from the start of the motor to the position of the swing arm, to image acquisition, and machine vision inspection, must be controlled in milliseconds.

In the future, the light inspection machine will also be labeled as intelligentsign.

The “Sharp Tool” Behind the Three Smart Manufacturing Processes

In terms of motion control system, Inovance’s one-stop solution for intelligent light inspection machine combines the computing processing power provided by Intel® Celeron™ processor and the industrial edge control platform to create the AC801 high-performance intelligent machine controller.

In addition, in order to achieve faster and more accurate demands, Inovance Technology has built an efficient visual processing platform – KINOVISION (Kirin) vision controller in the visual inspection process.

The platform not only has an Intel processor with super computing power, but also integrates the Intel OpenVINO™ toolkit. In addition to the comprehensive optimization of the instruction set of the traditional OpenCV and OpenCL™ image processing libraries, it also integrates the optimized vision library and Intel ® Media SDK and other components, and the built-in Intel® deep learning deployment tool can effectively improve the inference speed, providing efficient and reliable foreign object detection capabilities for the overall solution of the light inspection machine.

According to Lei, through the construction of KINOVISION (Kirin) vision controller, real-time reasoning can be performed on the image of the object to be inspected on the edge side, accurate and efficient detection results can be obtained, and rapid classification can be implemented according to the quality of vaccines and other drugs. To a large extent, the rapid response and coordination of each module of the light inspection system can be realized.

Inovance Technology explained that with the support of Intel software and hardware products, the one-stop solution for smart light inspection machines has achieved faster inspection efficiency, better operation stability and higher inspection quality.

Circular knife die-cutting machine: faster, more accurate and more stable

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the maturity of hardware technology and the improvement of consumer awareness, electronic products are constantly developing in the direction of intelligence, and new intelligent terminal products are emerging one after another.

At the same time, the emergence of new consumer electronic products will also put forward higher requirements on the volume and quality of functional devices. In order to meet their needs in terms of stability and safety, the quality of electronic functional devices must be guaranteed. Therefore, it has become a consensus to improve the technical level of its important processing equipment – circular die-cutting machine.

The “Sharp Tool” Behind the Three Smart Manufacturing Processes

From the perspective of Inovance Technology, general electronic accessories products require multiple die-cutting, lamination, and peeling, and multiple laminating machines and die-cutting machines can be completed together.

Under the iterative update of electronic products, it is obvious that the circular knife die-cutting machine can no longer meet the requirements of electronic products for functional devices in terms of tension control, die-cutting accuracy and process combination, and the circular knife die-cutting machine innovation has been put on the agenda.

“Fast, accurate and stable” are the three key elements for the development of circular die-cutting machines in the future.

Inovance Technology believes that in order to meet these three requirements, on the one hand, the control system must have the capabilities of multi-axis synchronous motion control, accurate positioning and tracking, high response speed and real-time control; Monitoring and intelligent detection can automatically identify defective products.

Based on this, efficient, accurate and reliable circular die-cutting machine solutions came into being.

From the perspective of Inovance Technology, improving the computing capability of the die-cutting machine control system is the top priority.

Therefore, the AC800 series intelligent mechanical controller used in the circular die-cutting machine solution is equipped with an Intel® Core™ i5 processor with excellent computing processing power.

Inovance Technology believes that the combination of Intel® Turbo Boost technology can effectively improve the response speed of the circular die-cutting machine, and at the same time, it can also be used in complex production line environments with good power consumption and stability.

In addition, the Intel® Industrial Edge Control Platform also empowers this solution, effectively connecting real-time computing and control capabilities, providing AC800 series high-performance control systems with a series of subsystems such as virtualization, standardized industrial protocols, real-time computing, and information security. The module enables the solution to realize load integration on the edge side, helping users to enhance system response and reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance.

The “Sharp Tool” Behind the Three Smart Manufacturing Processes

According to’s observation, the same as the one-stop solution for intelligent light inspection, the KINOVISION (Kirin) vision control platform in the circular knife die-cutting machine solution is also integrated into the Intel OpenVINO™ toolkit.

Inovance Technology said that based on the combination of Intel’s software and hardware products and technologies, the circular knife die-cutting solution has largely solved the technical difficulties in the die-cutting process of functional materials and devices for electronic products, and significantly improved the production efficiency of the equipment. Stability and machining accuracy ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the die-cutting machine.

Three pillars stand together to seize the commanding heights of lithium battery intelligence

In recent years, with the adjustment of the industrial structure of the automobile industry, the use of new energy vehicles has increased year by year. The emergence of such new energy vehicles has greatly reduced the carbon emissions of traditional vehicles and effectively realized green travel.

Lithium batteries are favored by major automobile manufacturers because of their high capacity, strong safety and environmental protection. According to relevant data, the output of lithium batteries in 2020 will increase to 18.845 billion, a year-on-year increase of 19.86%. As of the first quarter of 2021, my country’s lithium-ion battery output will be 4.79 billion, a year-on-year increase of 76.29%.

In the case of increasing market demand, in order to ensure the supply quantity and quality of lithium batteries, many manufacturers combine lithium battery production with industrial intelligent technology, and apply them to process automation, production line automation and overall digital factories, making advanced The advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment and production technology are becoming an important guarantee for the production of high-quality and high-efficiency lithium batteries.

In fact, Hanchuan Intelligence has long recognized the importance of lithium battery intelligence.

Chen Xiongbin, deputy general manager of Hanchuan, once said that at present, in the lithium battery manufacturing industry, there is a huge investment in equipment assets; although the degree of automation of equipment is high, the homogeneity of key process equipment makes it impossible to significantly open the gap with peers; each process Segment data is not connected, forming data islands, etc. In order to solve these problems, the leading lithium battery enterprises choose the way of integrating industrial intelligent technology in lithium battery production to realize multi-dimensional improvement of enterprises. The gradual intelligentization of lithium battery manufacturing has become a new trend.

It can be seen that any manufacturing industry is making a fuss around intelligence.

As we all know, the lithium battery manufacturing process includes multiple processes such as homogenization, coating, die-cutting, lamination, winding, chemical formation, and volume separation.

Taking the formation process as an example, since the assembled lithium battery does not have the discharge capacity, it needs to be initialized through the formation process. In this process, the solid electrolyte phase boundary film (SEI film) formed on the surface of the negative electrode of the battery, this layer The mold plays a key role in the lithium battery manufacturing process, and the thickness of its surface layer directly affects the self-discharge, cycle life, safety and stability of the lithium battery.

In other words, the production of high-quality lithium batteries must ensure the uniformity and stability of the SEI film.

From the perspective of Inovance Technology, the uniform and stable SEI film is actually difficult to achieve.

First of all, in actual production, companies usually use the step-by-step charge-discharge method to generate SEI film, but each step has different requirements for charge-discharge current, voltage, and shelving time due to differences in materials and specific processes used. At the same time, in the production process, it is necessary to accurately monitor and control the temperature and pressure conditions to reduce the impact of pressure fluctuations and ensure product quality and consistency.

It is not difficult to see that the quality of lithium batteries depends on the stability of the SEI film, and the stability of the SEI film depends on the equipment control system. capable equipment control system.

Although the entire industry is now saying that artificial intelligence is omnipotent, in Chen Xiongbin’s view, to achieve intelligent manufacturing, lithium battery companies are facing another problem: the lack of overall planning for digital and intelligent manufacturing.

Under the trouble of these problems, the emergence of the intelligent lithium battery chemical composition solution jointly developed by Hanchuan Intelligent, Intel and Inovance Technology meets the needs of intelligent solutions for continuous improvement of platform performance.

The “Sharp Tool” Behind the Three Smart Manufacturing Processes

First of all, in order to ensure the quality of SEI film formation in the lithium battery formation process, Hanchuan Intelligent has built a Hanchuan intelligent component-capacitor integrated machine. The multi-point pressure monitoring method can accurately control the pressure in the production process and reduce the fluctuation of the resultant force; Consistency is maintained in the production stages such as chemical composition and volume distribution.

The “Sharp Tool” Behind the Three Smart Manufacturing Processes

Secondly, based on the computing power processing requirements of lithium battery manufacturing for equipment controllers and control platforms, Hanchuan Intelligent introduced AC800 series of high-performance intelligent mechanical controllers created by Inovance Technology.

In the step-by-step charging and discharging process of lithium battery formation, the system needs to calculate and adjust parameters such as current and voltage in real time according to changes in production conditions. Based on this special process consideration, the Intel® Core™ i5 processor is used for precise and The complex SEI film generation process provides strong computing power support.

Afterwards, these real-time computing and control capabilities are effectively connected in series through the Intel industrial edge control platform, providing a series of sub-modules such as virtualization, real-time computing and information security for Inovance AC800 series controllers.

Through the combination of Intel software and hardware technology, it provides a powerful axis and computing power for the entire solution, enabling it to replace a series of single-function controllers based on programmable logic controllers and human-machine interfaces in traditional production lines, so as to achieve edge-side Efficient consolidation of workloads.

According to the survey data, with the support of the Intel industrial edge control real-time computing module, the bus cycle can reach 1ms, and it supports the EtherCAT bus to the end, and the production efficiency can be increased by 15%.

Relying on the advantages of its own technology and the software and hardware support of Intel and Inovance Technology, the lithium battery component capacity solution has achieved remarkable results in actual deployment and application, forming a three-pronged situation, trying to seize the commanding heights of lithium battery intelligence.

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Digitalization has become the main direction of the development of all walks of life. The digital and intelligent transformation of traditional enterprises is a process from point to line, from line to surface. From the current point of view, the digital and intelligent transformation of traditional enterprises has just begun, and the advantages of AI technology will continue to emerge in the future.


Published on 11/22/2022