The standard for the store to choose the Tengyang electric sweeper

The store here is relatively large, with many pedestrians. The floor is mainly floor washing machines, and the exterior is mainly floor sweeping vehicles. The combination of the two kinds of mechanical equipment can change the environmental sanitation of the store. Next, I will briefly introduce the criteria for shops to choose Tengyang electric ride-on sweepers:

Electric driving sweepers in stores are mainly small electric driving sweepers. It is small in size and has many functions. It has various functions such as sweeping, vacuuming, watering, and dust control. Generally, it mainly cleans the square in front of the store and the surrounding roads. Tengyang small electric sweepers can enter narrow passages. When the population is dense, Tengyang sweepers can also facilitate passage and can clean the ground dust.

Electric driving sweepers can complete cleaning tasks, save labor costs, and clean quickly. It can replace several workers to clean the ground environment, which can help the store save costs.

Tengyang electric driving sweeperThere are many types, small, medium, and larger drive-on sweepers. Not only small drive-on sweepers can be used in the store, but the store is divided into several floors, and there is a floor that sells food. There is a floor for selling clothing, and a floor for children to play and entertain. This kind of store is relatively large and can be cleaned with a medium-sized or relatively large driving sweeper. Medium-sized sweepers are generally semi-enclosed. , left and right ventilation, the top is equipped with a windshield, which can provide the driver with a comfortable working environment.

The other is Tengyang’s larger electric driving sweeper. Compared with small and medium-sized sweepers, the larger sweepers have higher cleaning efficiency. The larger sweepers are mainly closed drive-on sweepers and fully enclosed drive-on sweepers. The relatively large driving sweeper has a large capacity and a high-pressure atomization dust reduction system, which avoids secondary dust, which is convenient and labor-saving. It can reduce labor and improve work efficiency.

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Published on 09/07/2022