Those new consumption scenarios brought by high-tech robots

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: In recent years, artificial intelligence has learned many human skills, including: providing consulting services as customer service, helping people choose stocks and asset management, drawing, translating, and even driving, etc. The fastest growing stage. However, behind this is also the promotion of practical applications, which are helping us solve many practical problems. Our lives are being rewritten by these technologies.
From the outside alone, the robotic store appears to be no different from a vending machine. But now the Robot stores in shopping malls already have a variety of “capabilities”: unlike vending machines that mainly sell beverages and food, the products sold have expanded to skin care products, cultural and creative products and many other categories; the most important thing is It is also able to collect data, as well as the function of advertising.
Some big brands are actively trying to combine with this emerging method. By landing in shopping malls, every behavior of consumers is converted into accurate data on the machine. The effect of this is equivalent to the data collection of effective questionnaires. Mainly used by skin care and makeup brands, consumers can find the products they need and suitable by inputting information.
This can be regarded as a new format of shopping malls. While satisfying consumer demand, it brings information returns to brand owners, brings new consumption scene experience to shopping malls, and brings consumers a psychological feedback of curiosity. . Allowing consumers to feel the improvement of product quality and sense of use is a new way to increase consumer stickiness and brand influence.
Robot shopping guide
At present, the Robot shopping guide in the shopping center has the following functions:
Conversation hello. Intelligent voice interaction assists the staff to answer customer questions, including location guidance, promotional information, floor information query, data statistics and other basic questions in the mall.
Intelligent Recognition. Intelligent recognition can provide identity authentication services such as face recognition, VIP recognition, ID card recognition, and abnormal voice recognition when engaging in activities in shopping malls.
Ads play. In the process of guiding customers to walk, the robot will play advertisements of related product merchants, introduce the merchant information, product features and promotion information of similar products, and the advertising fee will be paid by the merchants.
As early as 2015, Japan launched a simulated shopping guide robot Aiko Chihira, which can communicate verbally and even “smiling softly”. The intelligent robot was developed by Toshiba. At the time, it could only speak some stylized language, and it could also do some limited body movements. This Mitsukoshi Nihombashi shopping center uses such a beautiful robot to guide customers or explain the latest activities of the store to customers, which is the first attempt to create a new consumption scene with technology.
We have boldly depicted countless possibilities for future business, and we want to create and activate more new scenarios and become a platform for people to connect with each other. At this moment, technology is the first expression of imagination, but whether it is the presentation of data or the structure of technology, it will eventually return to the proposition of human nature.

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Published on 09/17/2022