Toyota, Yoshinoya introduce intelligent robots

Japan’sRobotThe start-up Life Robotics recently launched a multi-articulated Robot “CORO” that can cooperate with humans to perform tasks such as picking. At present, companies adopting CORO cover many fields, including Toyota in the automotive field, Omron in the electronic equipment and components field, Yoshinoya in the catering field, and RoyalHost in the food processing field, which operates a restaurant chain store, such as RoyalHost. By introducing robots, these companies can eliminate the problem of insufficient manpower on the production site and the burden of simple repetitive tasks.

Life Robotics was established in Tokyo in December 2007 by Dr. Woo-Keun Yoon. Dr. Woo-KeunYoon has been researching robotic arms at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Technology (AIST) in Japan for over 15 years. The team he leads is developing collaborative robots that allow users to teach robots movements by using a 3D mouse or a gamepad, without complex programming skills.The collaborative Robot CORO developed by the company has no rotating joint equivalent to a human elbow, but uses Life Robotics’ patented technology “TRANSPANDER” to makemechanicalArm retracts. With this feature, the robot can perform work using a dedicated area equivalent to that of a human, and it can safely perform picking work even in a small space with people.
It is understood that the body weight of CORO is 26kg, and the carrying weight is 2kg. The maximum outrigger length is 865mm, the maximum synthesis speed is 2000mm/s, and the maximum power consumption is 630W. There is no need to carry out installation construction, and the machine can be operated by placing the body on the pedestal. “At the 2015 International Robotics Exhibition, Life Robotics demonstrated CORO’s operation of packing cosmetics in tubes that have been manually inspected. (According to Nikkei BP)

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Published on 09/27/2022