Tuoye Robot established an education college to create an industry “Whampoa Military Academy”

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: At present, my countryrobotIndustrial development is like most manufacturing industries, with increasingly serious homogenization and low-end production, lack of core technology, and it is difficult to obtain real competitiveness. The establishment of Tuoye Robotics Education Institute will be committed to building a “Huangpu Military Academy” in the robotics industry, providing technical support for the development of the robotics industry and helping traditional enterprises transform.

Tuoye Robot established an education college to create an industry “Whampoa Military Academy”

With the rise of Robot foundry,automationintelligence has becomeindustryIt is an important escalator for the transformation and upgrading of the field, and the “core technology” of robot production has become the lifeblood of its development and growth.Yesterday morning, YASKAWA, one of the “Four Families” of Robots, guided by the Shenzhen Municipal Commission of Economy, Trade and Information Technology,motorThe Tuoye Robot Education Institute jointly established with Shenzhen Tuoye Robot Automation Co., Ltd. was unveiled in Pingshan District, Shenzhen, and the curtain of a new era of Industrial Robot applications in Shenzhen Pingshan District was opened.

Judging from the current development of my country’s Robot Industry, it is still in the infant stage, most robot industrial parks are in a state of homogeneous competition, and the vision of combining production, education and research is difficult to implement. At the same time, many robot manufacturers do not have a strong technical background, and the core technology is mainly in the hands of some foreign robot giants, while many domestic robot manufacturers are still in the mode of assembling products, and important product parts and components rely on imports. Therefore, the so-called robot explosion There is still a certain bubble in the stage.

As a one-stop system integration provider for robots, Tuoye Robot is the largest agent of Yaskawa Robot in China. The establishment of Tuoye Robot Education Institute has a strong slogan, which is committed to creating a “Huangpu Military Academy” in the robot industry, providing technical support for the development of the robot industry and helping traditional enterprises to transform.

Ling Lin, chairman of Tuoye Robotics, said that she hopes to learn foreign excellent technology, strengthen domestic brand technology, and strengthen engineering and technical strength. “With the gradual opening of my country’s robot market, more and more entrants will achieve a high degree of integration of technology and industry, and Tuoye Robotics Education Institute came into being.

Based on years of accumulation in the computer, communication, consumer electronics 3C industry chain of Tuoye Robotics, strategic partnerships with many well-known enterprises, and many high-quality industry re

Published on 12/14/2022