Turing Robotics Innovation Conference held to release dozens of applications

On the afternoon of July 28, 2016, the domestic artificial intelligence company TuringRobotThe 2016 Turing Robot Innovation Conference was held at the Beijing National Convention Center, and dozens of innovative Robot applications were released at one time. At the same time, it also brought the newly upgraded Turing OS 1.5 version and new services on multiple platforms.

In November 2015, Turing Robotics released the Robot operating system Turing OS, and now Turing OS, which has been updated to version 1.5, has released dozens of robot applications, covering education, entertainment, social networking, tools, and remote communication. Among them, this innovation At the conference, Yu Zhichen, founder of Turing Robot, focused on four applications, including intelligent chat, intelligent music, intelligent photography and intelligent English, and also showed several cooperative robot products specially equipped with applications. They can be turned into friends, music and dancers, photographers and English teachers. In addition, in this innovation conference, well-known Internet such as Kingsoft English, Bewa Children’s Song, Moji Weather also jointly released the robot version of their products.

In addition, Turing OS upgraded to version 1.5 has comprehensive enhancements in visual capabilities, motion control and hardware modules. In terms of vision, Turing OS 1.5 will add 11 new visual capabilities, including multiple visual technologies such as face recognition, face detection, and face tracking. In terms of motion control, Turing OS 1.5 has enhanced the support for 17-20 degrees of freedom bipedal gait robots, and in terms of hardware modules, Turing OS 1.5 has improved the motherboard and microphone array, and the lidar is under internal testing.

In terms of products, the crowdfunding amount of Doraemon robots equipped with Turing OS1.0 exceeded 10 million, making it the No. 1 robot crowdfunding in China. The Ledi robot launched in cooperation with Aofei’s well-known IP “Ledi” is also under preparation, and it is predicted that the sales volume will exceed 100,000 units. At the conference, Wu Bin, CEO of LeTV Kido Children’s Watch, and other partners also shared their cooperation with Turing Robot and their future plans. At the same time, there will be a number of robot products equipped with Turing OS1.5 on the market in the second half of this year.At the meeting, Yu Zhichen also said that although only 8 months have passed since the last conference, the number of Turing robot platform developers has soared from 110,000 to 230,000. This is mainly due to the open strategy of the Turing robot platform. In the future, the Turing robot platform will open up multiple artificial intelligences such as emotional computing and visual capabilities on the basis of the already opened semantic engine, knowledge system, chat system and practical functions. Serve.

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Published on 09/18/2022