Under the general trend of security intelligence, how can AI robots make security from “passive” to “active”?


At present, the security industry has ushered in the era of intelligence, but most security equipment still focuses on video image processing and data analysis. It can passively record and belong to passive security. To make security shift from “recording” to “early warning”, from “passive” to “active”, a new intelligent technology is needed to inject new power.

Fortunately, the ongoing annual industry event in the security industry, the 2019 Shenzhen Security Expo, is already showing us the intelligent trend and changes in future security. Hikvision, Dahua, Uniview Technology and other traditional security The multi-dimensional and three-dimensional intelligent solutions brought by the enterprise are highly sought after by the audience; the high-profile technology giant Huawei also focuses on demonstrating its AI algorithm soft power and AI computing power and other hard power…

Among these exhibitors, securityRobotand solutions have become the highlights of the exhibition. For example, Ubisoft Technology Co., Ltd. is located in booth C03 of International Hall 1. In this security fair, Ubisoft Technology Co., Ltd. displayed AIMBOT (Intelligent Patrol), ATRIS (Security Patrol), Cruzr (gram). Luze) and other AI police and inspection robots, and provide solutions in the field of intelligent inspection in the computer room, “5G+AI” inspection, and AI police.

So, what are the advantages and characteristics of security robots compared with the original security solutions, how will they upgrade the current security from traditional human defense to man-machine combined security, and how to turn passive into active?

Under the general trend of security intelligence, how can AI robots make security from “passive” to “active”?Image

The monitoring needs of indoor places such as shopping malls, office buildings, computer rooms, power distribution stations, and warehouses are very extensive, and the needs vary greatly in different scenarios. It is necessary to control the dynamic information that can be seen by human beings, and the systems that can be detected by non-human personnel. Running status and troubleshooting security risks. Among them, the requirements of places such as computer rooms, distribution stations, and warehouses are complex and diverse, and it is necessary to obtain detailed information on personnel, equipment operation, placed items, environmental changes, and various emergencies in the site. Places where technological equipment such as computer rooms gather has limited inspection capabilities, resulting in dead spots for patrolling.

Now, security robots are used to replace manpower for patrols, which can achieve all-weather uninterrupted patrols. Through face recognition technology, the Robot can automatically identify and analyze every person it encounters during the patrol process; with richer visual technology, the Robot can automatically detect environmental abnormalities, Such as fireworks, water leakage detection, etc.;sensorWith the cooperation of the robot, the robot can be integrated with the environment, and it can easily perceive the operating status of the equipment, the environmental status, etc., and can complete the operation according to the obtained data.automationmanage.

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Published on 09/09/2022