Unexpectedly, it is not the gasoline that beats the car, but the chip

Automotive chips are chips used in cars.

Compared with the new product launches of mobile phones and computer chips, which are sometimes more lively than the Spring Festival Gala, the field of automotive chips has not been paid much attention by the general public.

until the start of 2020carThere is a severe shortage of chipsand even the magical scene of suppliers’ hoarding.

The person in charge of a domestic electronic supply chain company said, “Those who speculated in chips have earned back ten years’ worth of money in the past six months.” Due to the rapid effect of making money, many people in trade and logistics come to speculate in chips, spending tens of millions of dollars. The cost of leveraging hundreds of millions of plates.

According to a report from China Business News, the price of some special MCUs (the most critical type of automotive chips) was $8 each last year, but it is currently soaring to $50, more than 6 times that of last year.

Compared with Maotai’s 2 or 3 times the price difference, it is more profitable to speculate on chips.

However, if you fry Maotai, you will fry it. After all, that thing is not related to people’s livelihood, and no one will die of thirst because they can’t afford Maotai. However, the shortage of automotive chips will affect the country’s industrial and economic development.

Finally, the National Iron Fist came. On August 1, the General Administration of Market Supervision announced that in response to prominent issues such as high prices in the automotive chip market and drive-up speculation, based on price monitoring and reporting clues, it has opened an investigation into the auto chip dealers suspected of price-gouging.

Unexpectedly, it is not the gasoline that beats the car, but the chip

The farce has come to an end temporarily, and back to the beginning of the incident, why is there a shortage of automotive chips?

With the development of vehicle electrification, there are more and more types of automotive chips and more and more important functions. Automotive chips in traditional fuel vehicles mainly include MCUs, power semiconductors, sensors, and various analog devices. After electric vehicles become intelligent, driver assistance chips, image sensors, AI processors, lidars, and millimeter-wave radars are added to the car. and other automotive chip products.

Unexpectedly, it is not the gasoline that beats the car, but the chip

However, BYD, Huada Beidou, Jiefa Technology and other companies are also starting from the low-end and slowly breaking through.

Maybe, the shortage of automotive chips will be a good opportunity to promote the rise of domestic industrial chain companies. After all, China has the most promising new energy vehicle market in the future, and the whole country is determined to replace domestically produced chips in the field. Perhaps, when this chip shortage crisis is over, looking back, it is only found that the crisis originally gave birth to a bigger new machine.

Published on 09/07/2022