Visual Components acquires Delfoi’s robotics division

Finnish Visual Components, a developer of 3D simulation software, announced that it has acquired the robotics division of Delfoi, a robotics offline programming (OLP) software solutions company. This will lay the groundwork for the Finnish organization to expand globally by complementing its existing production system simulation tools and virtual commissioning with OLP capabilities.

The OLP capability will give manufacturers the opportunity to program Robots on the factory floor, as well as Feasibility and Verification products from Visual Components’ existing layout designs, control logic, robot programs and processes.

This feature will essentially make a one-stop shop for the digital transformation of production systems a reality and allow manufacturers to benefit from significantly reduced downtime, saving time and improving the accuracy of the Robot programming process.

These capabilities will help meet the growing need to effectively utilize robotics in manufacturing environments, while increasing the use of simulation and virtual commissioning. As Industry 5.0 grows in importance, with a focus on upskilling the workforce, this development allows professionals to train across multiple disciplines with one solution.

Manufacturers will also save costs and enable more sustainable practices by using one tool to complete robot programming and simulation projects. Delfoi has extensive experience in robotics applications such as cutting, welding and surface preparation, helping to bring improved solutions to manufacturers and system integrators.

Mikko Urho, CEO of Visual Components, said: “This acquisition is a natural next step in a long-standing relationship with Delfoi, who has used our simulation software for over a decade. With the growing importance of Industry 5.0, now It is fantastic to join forces with another Finnish company to meet the needs of manufacturers to effectively utilize robots on the factory floor.”

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Published on 03/20/2023